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So I have this old not so great(don't let my photography skills misrepresent it) wood railing on my porch. I was thinking of installing a composite prefab from Home Depot but that would costs around five hundred. What other options could you recommend, /diy/?

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I'd recommend getting rid of the green outdoor carpet, that stuff screams white trash.

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It looks new, and in good condition. Maybe take a router to the edges to make it look more craftsmalike?

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I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you have an iphone. When posting a pic from an iphone you can't upload the original picture because the size is too large and it causes it to updload sideways. Instead you have to upload a screenshot of the pic. Open the picture you want to post and press the "power" and "home" button simultaneously. This will take a screen shot of what's on your screen i.e. the picture. Crop the screen shot as necessary and upload the screenshot rather than the actual pic. This will allow it to have normal orientation.

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Notice how your original picture is 2.7 megabytes and the re-upload is only 500 kilobytes. The screenshot has less data to upload so it comes up normal.

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Pretty much this, it doesn't really look bad. Sand it down, especially on the edges to give it a slight curve. Then stain it a dark brown and it will look nice.

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And the railing looks fine faggot.

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We just ripped some 2x4s on the table saw and made our own. Looks just like the one in the photo. Protip: spraying the entire thing with truckbed liner, once it is in place, will make it last forever. Just never poke a hole in it without sealing it or it will fill with water and be doomed.

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Thanks for posting it the right way. No iphone though.

I'm probably gonna ignore most of the other posts based on the bottom 2x4 being cracked in two counts as "fine".

The small section shown doesn't convey the warping, broken balusters and over sized nails used.

This is great advice.

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>This is great advice.

yep. once you finish painting your house with bedliner, and maybe put the green astroturf out in the yard as well, you'll be set for life. low-maintenance is the future.

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You can get bedliner spray in just about any color. Using normal paint just sucks.

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>I'm probably gonna ignore most of the other posts based on the bottom 2x4 being cracked in two counts as "fine"
Ok, so, if you want to diy it, consider replacing with similar, but- pressure treated wood tends to warp and split, so try a durable wood, like cedar or ?
If you want to change style, replace spindles with pickets, stainless braided cable, or plexiglas ...

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