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Would appreciate seeing some good shit one-uping me, but I caught the back of my hand on rebar and sliced it open, they're telling me I should've been wearing gloves but they've only ever said that required PPE is hard hat and glasses....

>Inb4 blog post

Tl;dr >rekt thread

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ive almost lost my eyesight by some bouncing back metal stringys for wall anchors ( civil engineer here)
using acid whilst its windy with shitty eye protection made my 100% vision go to 80% ( im glad its not worse )

everything could have been prevented by not giving a fuck if a 100000$ press falls into dirt & not doing acid + wind combo.

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Worst I've gotten is a nice gash in my forearm from an angle grinder. Shouldn't have been trying to cut off an exhaust at the manifold with a grinder with no guard and no handle, while rolling around on a creeper. I was new to the business, and cheap as hell when it came to tools though. Lucky I didn't lose a finger.

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be me fucking dumb \:

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>be me
>beta pothead in high school
>huge crush on redhead
>she has bf
>never consummate
>leave town
>come back 5yr later
>see redhead
>no bf now
>hang out
>she hints at sex
>to dumb to get the hint
>never see her again
>that was almost 20 years ago

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>i wear only required PPE

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don't have pic. Pre potato days.

>be me, 19yo indestructible gopher/newb on job site.
>fetching boards, nails, coffee, etc.
>jump off side of foundation to get shit for boss
>wtf.jpg can't move my foot
>look down and realize I have a nail sticking out the top of my boot.
>can't pull it out so have one guy grab the board while I pulled.
>schlork.mp4 nail comes out
>wrap up foot, continue working till boss finds out. He laughs if off and said he didn't think I would have lasted the day. Hands me a beer and says take a day off and come back he's putting me on the crew.

Lots of work, fairly fun dude to work for. And yea.. I went and got a tetanus shot the next day. Oddly not much blood and I still have a mark where the nail went though.

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Took a fall standing on top of a half-open eight foot ladder. Grabbed a metal stud on the way down slicing my palm and a few digits. Either grazed a tendon or swelling alone kept me from fully utilizing some fingers for a couple weeks. My asshole could've split a diamond the moment I realized gravity had assumed control. Landed flat on a stack of drywall right next to a nasty pile of concrete mesh and rebar so I missed out on being an industrial pincushion at least.

My last lay was 2004 which is probably close to the time most of this site's current userbase came into this world, but you've got a few years on me if you were laying (or failing to lay) pipe two decades ago.

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Move on, dude. Holy shit.

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dont be a cuck op. Fucking useless lying ass employers aint shit!

Also, i can't find the pic but flell 8 feet and got crippled for life. I limp like a fucking idiot. Metal plate and 8 screws all the way through my useless fucking cankle.

Actually hell. I'm due for a new pair of boots. Here's mine now.

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Top fucking kek. Way to man up bro. But i gotta tell you. I'm old and broken with a bumb leg and bad back in my 30s.

Get personal finance books and study investing so you can sit on your ass doing wtf ever you want before you get all fucked up like a lot of us.

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Kek. Shit's overrated anyway. My wife blew me yesterday for the first time in 6 fucking years...

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>be me
>20 y/old
>high as fuck.bmw
>starts first day at work at 5pm
>am still smoking fat
>mfw it all fucks up

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>My last lay was 2004
Same but I was 10 and he was my swim coach.

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What was the big occasion? After six years I wouldn't have thought she'd suddenly develop a taste for your dick out of nowhere.

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You are one stupid motherfucker.
>civil engineer
What exactly do you do, or what projects have you worked on because I would like to avoid going anywhere near there.

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Go on.

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>getting hurt from stupidity
>Being proud of it
Shiggy. Its easy to not get hurt with an iq above room temperature boys

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Did the rebar jump out and bite you or something?

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She was really drunk thought she was in someone else's bed.

Things got real awkward when I said how great the night before was and I could see the confusion and horror in her face. We are trying to work through it but I get the feeling that she is trying to put me down and set me up for a divorce where she gets it all. But for some reason I can't bring myself to fight back. Why?

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What the fuck

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She's been acting weird and ive been ignoring her. Figured fuckit why not tell her to blow me. Then she did.

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You can't fight back because you got too content my man. Nothing will get better, seriously.
Lawyer up and prepare the worst, better to have your ducks in a row before the inevitable shitstorm.

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Is this a low key /r9k/ thread?

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33.661510, -82.073919

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well they said you should have worn gloves, not that you needed to

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did something stupid the other day and stabbed my thumb with a sawzall blade, about 3/4" deep... I have no idea how many times it hit me before I got my hand away.

worst for me was getting precast concrete in my eye, and then not getting it taken out right away.
See concrete will turn into a chemical burn when it mixes with your tears, it took 7 hours before I went to the doctor, then another 5 before it was finally out. The little speck of concrete was caught on the back of my eye lid and scratching my eye every time I blinked.

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>they're telling me I should've been wearing gloves
just fucking with you hoping you won't file a workmans comp claim

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>be meter man
>cut some rich wh*toids house
>for whatever reason this cl320 meter had a extension on it for whatever reason
>boot meter and fuck off
>come back
>pull meter do voltage tests and whatever
>these white people being white people turn fucking everything on
>put bottom jaws of meter on bottom
>moment I touch the top jaws Sparks, Sparks everywhere
>burns the shit out of me and melts my gloves
Very cool

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check the safety and health documents you should have taken a copy of when you got hired, also, what the PPE postings on the site are.

there should be a list of things provided, list of things you need to provide, and "danger, PPE needed on this site: gloves, goggles, boots, hard hat, whatever etc" signs on the job site. Use your phone to take a picture of them, or where they should be.

I do machines and parts machining though. If you're construction, I don't know if the laws and whatnot are different.

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Your "procedures" are wrong you fucking retard.

>OMG these guys had everything on in the house even though no one told them to do anything different at all.

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How so elaborate? The majority of large houses here that have CL320 meters have bypass handles so its cut at the breaker and barrel locked. Which is also fun too since these people will turn everything on and when i come to turn them back on they pop the breaker. But other than large houses where some reason non surge extension rings are used I dont have this issue.

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They don't "turn everything on". They always have everything on.

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I got a papercut once when I handed an employee a pink slip. It hurt for a few hours, but ultimately healed up nicely.

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>be me, fab-fag
>Transfer to field because FUCK FABRICATION
>Second day in field
>Coworker leaves the cord on baker's scaffolding on the other side of the elevator doors
>Elevator slams to a stop, lights blink out
>Literally thought I was going to die
>Finally get off elevator, find out three of the four are fucked, and with my coworker sent home I'm catching all the heat
>Thought to myself, "Gee, guess it can only get better from here."
>An hour later, working with other guy
>Has me cut metal for wall units, has to use his shitty tin-snips
>200+ cuts later, the snips are so fucked they're almost useless and I end up having to twist and tear the metal with my hands
>Red smile appears on my forearm
>"Oh fuck, I cut myself..."
>Can literally see a side profile of my tissue and fat
>Nirvana plays softly in the background
>freak out
>Coworker freaks out
>Rush back to first floor
>They ask me if I can take myself to the ER
>Me, holding pressure on a wound I'm not entirely certain hasn't hit anything vital
>Some time later, with new stitches, CEO tells me I'm going back to the Hellh- I mean Warehouse
>My arm when, I helped murder three elevators, and their metal brethren took revenge
>Pic related

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Not my hand but a first year apprentice I was working with. Was holding a stainless steel faceplate with his hand instead of a pliers while trying to cut a 7/8" hole in it.

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>3rd month on lobster boat
>have to sort new shells from hards. hards can be exported and catch a higher price
>bare handed is easiest because I'm colorblind and have to rely upon touch to determine if the bug is a hard/new shell.
>reach into tank
>inhale quickly and yank hand out
>horn of a bug is stuck under my thumbnail
>take it out
>No blood, oh shit...
>3 weeks later
>thumb is swollen to 2.5-3 times the size it normally is
>hurts a lot
>start to feel pain in my wrist and forearm
>go to clinic
>antibiotics cause extreme sensitivity to sunlight
>get burns along my arms and nose from exposure
>sun burnt to an extreme, swollen and infected thumb, working 10-12 hours a day, 6 days a week
The infection went in about a week, but fuck was that a (seemingly) long time.

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>doing tie ins for gas main
>6" PE pipe
>don't want to take apart the fusion machine so we're going to bend it over.
>strap it to the backhoe bucket
>almost have it in the clamps
>suddenly i'm moving sideways very quickly
>ragdoll 10 ft into trench
>manage to pull myself up to the edge
>foreman and third man pull me out
>my hard hat is still where i was
>face is bleeding profusely
>head feels like its in a vise
>legs shaking
>feel like i'm about to piss myself
>come back around in about five minutes
>safety guy makes me go to the doc-in-the-box

I lucked out like a motherfucker. The strap slipped of the hook and the pipe snapped and caught me square with my cheekbone and jaw. X-rays were clear, cut wasn't deep enough for stiches. Doctor said if it had hit me about 2-3 inches forward though I would have lost most of my teeth and maybe an eye. got a concussion and a neat scar out of it. Went back to work the same day and almost got in a fight with a uppity picaninny.

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Take whatever possessions you hold dear, sell them to a trusted buddy for a dollar. After you get breech loaded in the divorce proceeding, buy your goods back for a dollar.

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Fucking god-tier advice, ma man!!

>Will post when I've utilized

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New years eve

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The fuck you get your hand caught in? A meat grinder?

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One of those dipshits who holds onto a firework for too long?

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>taking out old plaster that has the steel mesh in it
>Rip out big chunk
>The mesh grabs my forearm in about 20 places
>Like getting fish hooks in my arm
>I try to back each one out
>Taking forever
>Fuck it
>I'm ripping it out
>Rip them out along with quite a bit of my skin

Had to get stitches.

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Get all your money out. Say you are a gambler and were too embarrassed to tell her about it you fucking little bit h boy

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damn, fingertips popped like fucking tomatoes

>She was really drunk thought she was in someone else's bed.

good job rapist

j/k but seriously though I'm sorry your life sucks this much.

>We are trying to work through it
doubt it.

>But for some reason I can't bring myself to fight back. Why?
nothing to fight for. just fucking leave.

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Worse that happened to me was catching a piece of shrapnel to the neck while my coworker was drilling into some metal.

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