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so /diy/ I'm in a bit of a pickle
I got my hands on a fairly large amount of vintage typewriters for next to nothing and while some work perfectly out of the box some require maintenance and tune up. I want to restore them all and keep some flip some but I can't find much outside most general information on the proper maintenance proceedings and fixing stuff and I would be most happy to avoid taking first two apart just to learn the in and outs for what mostly will come down to to replacing a spring or a string.
Do you happen to know of / have any documents pertaining to this subject?
I learned through google that reader's digest repair manual "the complete guide to home maintenance" and "complete do-it-yourself manual" are supposed to have some sections on typewriters but google results for those are some clickjacking sites.

Any help and advice will be appreciated. Machines are mostly 70s and 80s polish Łucznik/Predom commie machines but they are based on Singer and Facit licences.
This site has some info but the designs often differ significantly https://typewriterdatabase.com/manuals.php

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how many?

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1: estimate how much money you will make per one
2: get a mexican and pay him $1 to type "a quick brown fox jumped over the laxy dog" a bunch of times and put a sticker on each key that either gets stuck or won't work

3: investigate by each issue and sort by whats wrong

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Sixty-ish units
No need for that really, so far it's mostly carriage malfunctions

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I'll be likely fixing one over the weekend maybe I'll take some pics

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so this is the machine, 1988 (late one!) łucznik/predom 1301
the 1 mark in a triangle denotes that it's the first quality
1st quality machines usually came in genuine leather cases, had brown instead of black keys and were harder to get a hold of

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this one also has a slug that has an apostrophe instead of this sign ^ so one can write in polish and english or french instead of say polish and chech

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the bit that holds the slugs is a bit too much to the right but I'll leave that for now

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those little paddles that hold the coloured tape all all bent and on the left one the spring is all pulled out

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>and pay him $1
that's definitely illegal

also, they would place "OK" stickers all around to save work

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there should be a spring where the red line is that enables the carriage lock
gotta salvage that bit from another machine

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taking out the paddles to straighten them
how's this kind of retaining disc called again?

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procedure was repeated on both sides of the machine

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and here it is, the main culprit
inside this disc there is a flat coil spring that's apparently detached from the center pin and it spins loosely not winding at all
without the tension from the string on the carriage the carriage doesn't go left when keys are pressed

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also described here

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in order to take out the spring box the carriage has to come apart from the rest of the machine
after that I put it back on and unfortunately the repair is on hold until I strip the parts out from another one of my machines.
machine types mostly OK as long as you push the carriage from right to left

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