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Why do you want to mutilate yourself anon?

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Listen to >>1511097, don't let the jews win.

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Welp, i was cut at birth. I cant imagine extra cleaning and phimosis is worth it.

MY wife wont allow a mff so fuckit. Idgaf

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Anon phimosis is rare and easily curable.
Usually parents peel back the child's foreskin when they help them take their bath at a young age.
My mother being an experienced nurse told me when i was 6 it helps make sure the penis grow correctly plus you should clean it thorowly because there are a lot of infections that can be cause by unclean genitals.(yes 6 i was also never spared about the creation of a baby and i think i turned out OK)
I guess circumcision never came into discussion because we are an orthodox christian family.

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haha cutfags trying to rationalize. Have fun with your callused ass no feeling cedarbark dick lol

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No way I'm clicking on that. I don't want to see an old man put a freshly mutilated baby penis in his mouth.

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>MY wife wont allow a mff so fuckit. Idgaf
if you still have the receipt, send her back for a refund

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>extra cleaning
I always hear this meme
I was out innawoods for 8 days no showering and when I got back surprise surprise, no dick cheese. So, I surmised that you have to be an extra disgusting fuck and not shower at minimum 8 days to get dick cheese.
also all the "extra cleaning" takes a grand total of 5 seconds

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It must suck for chicks when they get in bed with a dude for the first time and realize he’s uncut and full of dick cheese so they have to say “Oh no! My period just started!” and then she calls Chad to pick her up and gets a ride from him and his clean normal looking cock.

What if you find a dime at the bar, get her back home and you slide your hand under her shirt and the docs left a good 4” length of her umbilical cord hanging off? Fukkin gross.

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>it might get dirty, better amputate it
Have you pulled out all your nails yet anon? Or your teeth?

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>Have you pulled out all your nails yet anon? Or your teeth?

Nah, rotting teeth and fungus infected nails are Yuro problems.

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And that's when we're knew anon would never reproduce

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They aren't. And even if they were i'm sure they wouldn't opt for permanent body modifications to prevent it.

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>brit-tooth trying to pretend there isnt a cultural problem with hygiene

What do you expect from someone equating vestigial skin and literal bones coming out of your skull.

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>Extra cleaning
You literally just pull your foreskin back a little and rub some soap on there. Jesus christ

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I'm not British but nice try. You're aware besides merilards only jews and muslims practise circumcision, right?

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Why would you want a sensitive D? You can last longer with less sensitivity. Pre ejaculation is just selfish. Its never too late to get your dick fixed up. You don't need to be jealous.

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>Why would you want a sensitive D?
Yeah goys, why would you want to experience pleasure.

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>why would anyone want to enjoy sex
I've seen so much cutfag cope i can honestly not even tell anymore if you're baiting or not.

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Are you virgins fucking serious? You want stamina, not sensation.

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Goys, I want to get my left eye lid cut off. It looks more aesthetically pleasing that way. Anyways why the fuck would you need your eye lid anyways lmao you can see just fine without it anyways lmaolmao. Booger eyes btfo.

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what's the use of stamina, if you get bored?

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Circumcision must be one of the greatest trolls of all time.
I want to get some things straigth:
Having a foreskin doesn't make you super sensitive and forcing to cum in seconds.
Foreskin doesn't affect your hygiene, bad hygiene affects hygiene. If you don't wash, it's not just your dick that gets dirty. Also a dick gets dirty with or without a foreskin, so everybody should wash their dicks.
Circumcision is also unnatural. That's not a big thing, but still.

How about we'd stop this argument of how to care about our own dicks and also stop trying to be right and making others being wrong about their dicks?
OP, if you want to cut your foreskin, just remember sanitation.

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Why can't we all just get along.

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