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Have any of you ever started a pirate FM station before in the United States? I really want to DJ some electronic music on a vacant FM channel next year. I've read it's a good idea to buy an expensive but well-made FM transmitter to avoid interference, and keep the FCC off my back longer.

I've got access to multiple rooftops around campus, so I could erect antennas remotely. It would really suck to have my equipment stolen/damaged/confiscated though.

It seems like so much fun, just screwing around on the airwaves and playing good electronic music. The FM radio in my state is such shit, it's all either cumulus or iheartmedia regurgitating the same top 40 garbage.

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FCC will triangulate you in seconds with a pseudo-Doppler and shut you down with a $25,000 fine.

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Burger land has some law making it legal in times of emergency from memory.

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See, I've read both schools of thought on the issue. Some online posters tell me that running a 15W transmitter infrequently, avoiding swearing on the airwaves, and not piggybacking on an existing station will garner you very little attention.

Then, there are individuals such as yourself who warn of doom and gloom. Would they really hit me with a $10k max fine the first time they catch onto my shit? Especially if I run it remotely, it would be more difficult to track me down

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We are in a state of musical emergency my good sir.

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Dont be a faggot op.

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With modern. Sdr and surveillance, they know where you are as soon as you turn it on, and other radio needs will report you just for giggles.

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Be me. Go to Texas. Nothing but mexican tv, radio, and billboards. At least give us p
Our radio back you tubacuck faggots.

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Yikes. I still want to do this, but you are making me rethink this endeavor. There is much more research to be done. Thank you for your input though.

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It's all a matter of luck really. If you don't end up interfering with anyone and no one files a complaint you can probably get away with it for awhile. The FCC doesn't randomly roam about the US looking for pirate radio. They won't go looking for you until someone makes an interference complaint. When that eventually happens it's not hard to triangulate you though and you will get caught. A lot of times in cases of a accidental interference they'll just give you a warning and tell you to correct the problem. Since you are deliberately transmitting in violation of the law they may not be so lienent. Fines are commonly in the range from about $1,000 to $10,000 and you can technically go to jail for up to a year though I've seldom seen this happen in practice, usually only with repeat offenders. Bear in mind since you're transmitting on a campus the school may penalize you as well if you are caught, financial aid might be revoked, you might not be allowed to live on campus anymore, or you could be expelled.

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This. About 15 years ago my dad and uncle rigged up a CB radio that was putting out some sort of insane wattage. The next day we had 4 old guys in pickup trucks with large antennas out infront of the house who were waiting on a guy from the FCC to show up.
During the trial we learned that these old guys in pickup trucks look for illegal broadcasts and attempt to locate them. I never knew anything about it up until then.

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mind your tire pressure and you'll be fine

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oh shit boomer wardriving. awesome

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lurn 2 greentext faggot

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This is the biggest load of bullshit I've ever seen

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it is impossible to determine the output power of a radio by listening to the broadcasts, the only way they might've gotten him was if it was a dirty broadcast and was interfering with peoples shit.

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Assuming you have proper measurement equipment and you know the exact location of the transmitter you should be able to estimate the output power with reasonable accuracy assuming it's a relatively high power transmitter.

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there's so many factors that come into play when talking about signal power, Its virtually impossible to use it to identify output power

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>live in florida
>can go to prison for broadcasting
fucking gay, freest state my ass

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Its fun to be a rebel, but you can get a licen really cheap. It is just a weekend course. I got my FCC GROL. General radio operator license. For like two hundred bucks and a few hours out of a Saturday. Check into that. I cannot advise on technical shit as I just wanted something to slap on my resume.

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In the US, it is 100% legal to do it with AM radio, as long as you keep it under a certain wattage and antenna size.

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You can camouflage the transmitter in such a way that it is not relatable to you. Put it on a roof of a public building. Communicate wirelessly with the transmitter on a very low power. Have the transmitter send out an emergency signal when something bad happens to it.

Also, keep the power output low. I guess they have several stations monitoring the FM band to triangulate offenders. However, if your signal is too weak to reach three of these stations, they cannot triangulate you and have to get their fat asses out in a car toget you.

A power of 1W will be fine. Dont go for more power, go for better filtering. Buy a spectrum analyzer to monitor interference.

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The real question is who the fuck is listening?
Campus so you're at school? Set up a faggy radio club get the school to pay a license or something or ' broadcast' local via LAN.
Pointless getting yourself into bother for nothing.
Also playing music? Pay fees or FCC are not who you want to worry about, you will be fucked

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This thread is in violation of federal law.

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These guys could probably help you out

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Dude, their field offices all have mini-vans with a $300 antenna array hooked to an SDR and a computer for this exact purpose. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGAazlecgB8

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you can pretty much locate an FM transmitter driving around with a half-assed signal strength meter - idk why the surprise, Feds are (slightly) better equipped. Was half-involved in pirate stations in Bong back in the day, best chances of not getting busted was being mobile, but being busted was inevitable. A lot of the pirates now run from tower blocks, height good to increase broadcast area, and good approach visibility - authorities know exactly who/where, but not particularly keen to go charging in. Old days, you got a small fine but all gear got impounded, everytime - now, with cheap chink transmitters and remote broadcast, you don't need to be beside the transmitter. tldr, they'll keep locating transmitters - whether they also bust you personally? - depends how retarded you are. And if you are bleeding over important frequencies (emergency bands and shit) - they'll have your ass pronto.

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You can't tell exactly how much wattage a person is driving. BUT, if someone is stomping on people a hundred miles away. It's easy to assume he's overpowered. Then when you get to his house and it pegs your ssi even with a dummy load, it's a safe bet something illegal is going on.

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>boomers with nothing to do but ruin other people's fun
When can we start producing Onions Green?

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> overpowered
Do you mean overwatted?
Because you said wattage instead of power earlier, was that a mistake or what?

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>as long as you keep it under a certain wattage and antenna size.
Yeah, a grand total of .1 Watts! Part 15 rule. You can get decent range with a good antenna, actually, but nothing mindblowing.

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>wattage instead of power earlier

You for real bruh?

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Good buck bro.
Ausfag friend of mine was fined 1k per watt over the 5 watt limit here. After additional fines (no license etc) it came up over 100k. He has been paying it off ever since, still prob has 80k 10 years later!

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okay homo

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> campus
Do you not have a college radio station? Mine has a dank little FM station that students can host shows on

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