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Hi /diy/, what is this?

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I dunno why should we help you lmao. Google it fag.

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>. Google it fag.

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some vernier measuring thing?

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I thought it was something like that. But it is supposed to be nailed to the workbench and so, be used in a fixed position.

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Is there any kind of labeling on it at all aside from the measurement/setting numbers?

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Seems like it's some kind of device that may be used to scribe large curves/arcs, but if it's bench mounted that wouldn't make any sense. Maybe it's supposed to be mounted some other way, like on a wall or moveable arm or something.

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I saw some shit on the history Chanel years ago about how coins are made and they had a thing that look that, what they did was.

make a big ass "coin" out of clay
let it dry
and they when they use this tool to trace the big ass clay coin it moves the other end exactly 1/10 or 1/20 the side they are moving. so they can get all the details into the coin molds.

I guess its kind of like a pantograph

I could be tottally fucking wrong though.

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>thinks it’s a Reducing Machine


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welp I just be over here sucking dicks until somebody guesses right then

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where did you find it. in a shop? if so what kind of shop.

like if you found it in a dog food factory its probably got something to do with dog food.

of course if you got it from a crazy old lady at a flea market then I guess its got something to do with crazy old lady bits.

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Looks like it maybe it used to hold bellows for blowing air. Is it hinged at the one end?

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It's a faggot detector and its pointing right at you OP!

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Wouldn't make any sense for it to have all those gradations & settings just to hold a bellows and blow air.

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I would guess it's a machinist or fabricator's measuring device. It could be specialized for one process of one item's manufacture.
Does it move?

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My granny had a bench with a simmilar thing mounted. she was a sewer/dressmaker

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I meant a workbench

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sorta looks like a gun laying computer.

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A watch press to press the back on after servicing

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Well, Google is never wrong. It's definitely an airsoft gun. So now the question becomes, how do you load /shoot it?

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Have you ever seen a watch?

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Could this be to trace a pattern, making the copy scaled bigger or smaller?

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That is definitely not a watch press.

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Less demonic tho.

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Yes, thanks.
I guess OP doesn’t have one...

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If it's not a watch press then it is definitely a dick noodler.

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You mean screwed?

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>You mean screwed?
If you nail it, you're screwed.

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Sure looks like one. Especially the sighting plane up top.
In use it would probably be aimed at the target then the readings called out to the gun crew so they can match.

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I don't know what this is but I do know I want one

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Exactly. I think you just nailed it.

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just like i nailed your mother

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10/10 post, very useful, well done m8

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Just like I screwed your sister

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Clay pigeon launcher. What do I win?

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a real pigeon

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Looks like one of these to me.

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>Looks like one of these
No, it doesn't.

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Too me it looks like old (naval?) artillery aiming device or some aid for it.
You had to calculate your speed & direction, enemy speed & direction, distance, bullet speed....
It would explain why it's stationary. I'm not a native speaker, try fucking with 'artillery protractor', or maybe ask /k/.

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Are Americans really this stupid?

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It’s better than being the typical American who feels the need to worthlessly answer a question with an uneducated guess.

Duh I think it’s pic related.

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I like this. Battle ship gray too. Screws say it is newer than 1930.. I think. Bumping out of curiosity. I used to work around a bunch of 40's military shit and that little non pointy point looks really familiar.

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yea, I think this about right.

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I have the answer for you, OP.

What you are in possession of is a sort of "computer" for aiming torpedoes, known as a "Torpedo Director". Using the apparatus, a seaman would be able to compute the optimal path for a torpedo given an enemy ship's given distance and speed. Your model in particular is an early Soviet version that would be found on early torpedo boats like the G-5.

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>worthlessly answer a question with an uneducated guess.

Its brainstorming which lends to better results.

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wtf is that?

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>Torpedo Director

Not OP, but cool!
I thought it was some sort of aiming device missing a scope (the top mount).
Found this webby page.

I love old mechanical computers

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Oh, thank god

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It makes socks.

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>I have the answer for you, OP.
FINALLY! - Maybe I'll get some sleep tonight...

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Are you in the US? Do you have PayPal?
I'm somewhat interested in it. Would you take $200 for it?

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I'm not OP.
I'm just relieved to find out what it is.

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