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Hi. So I am dating this guy and he likes to start projects. He said he tried to build a super fast computer but cot bored figuring out liquid cooling and quit. He says all the parts are here. He just bought one.
I don't own a computer and I am bored at his house. Will you guys help me do it? Or tell me if. It's actually going to be good to use? Glass tubes and parts are everywhere. I cleaned the kitchen but can't clean this room with parts everywhere.

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I just found this box

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You have a garden hose and a blue tarp? Not many people use this approach since it’s not the most aesthetic, but it’s the easiest way to cool high performance computers. Put the tarp under the thing so your flood doesn’t get wet, spray everything with the hose.

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>a blue tarp

I have a green one. Do I need to get a blue, or can I just paint this one.

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is there like a fan thingy in the i9 box?

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You really are a woman...


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Daily reminder bepis couldn't figure out how to read a ruler

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Stick i9 on your head and take pics

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you get out

>dosen't assume trap

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I can read the ruler but I can’t mark or cut accurately because Parkinson’s.

You would be risking an electrical fire.

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I found this partially built computer. Here is my hair. Lol maybe more if I successfully build it

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Dump his retarded ass. It’s literally fucking lego, children can do that shit

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Ok. I will. He has really expensive printers here too he breaks and a server room. He has a trust fund. Should I take anything? I do need a computer. Will it work with out the water part?

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This is the dumbest larp I have ever read

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