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I have an interview for a plumbing apprenticeship monday. Its with a construction contracting company. Is it a good field to get into? What kind of pay can i expect?

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if you can stick with it and eventually become a licensed plumber, you can do quite well.
$75k/year or more is possible.
i've heard stories of plumbers bringing in 6 figures if they're good and stay busy.
that might be the high end but it is possible

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Just remember a plumber needs to be able to hold a turd in one hand and his lunch in the other.

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if you're doing new construction absolutely great. doing repairs or renovations there's not enough fucking money in the world

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It’s painful at the top. You don’t make $. 20 yrs in lucky to clear 40k. Always something. No construction though. It’s all area and how ethical you are. Lot of crooks selling unnecessary work for inflated prices. Example: you need a sewer cleanout just give me 3K right now. Could have just rodded it better. Anyways, be a heating and air tech. Way more money.

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Which is true?

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How come?

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Unpaid plumber here. We did 145,000 worth of business. 100,000 worth of write offs. My helper makes 25k. I guess I’ve been slacking on advertising lately. Also my website sucks. For all my 130 5 star Angie’s list reviews, 20 5 star google reviews I just can’t seem to keep the kind of work I like. I drain clean. Maybe it’s a waste of time I don’t know. I could just be shitty at the business side.

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because when you open up old pipes there's all kinds of shit in there rotting away. the fucking smell alone is unlike anything else. just think about everything that goes into a drain, hair, body fluids, chemicals, kitchen waste, literal shit dead fish, etc. that's just the "normal" stuff, many people will flush all kinda of shit. there's always parts of it that gets stuck here and there and sits there rotting for years or decades then suddenly the pipe is clogged solid and guess who the owner calls to clean it?

it's a high paying job but it's also fucking miserable. plumbers are also often looked down on so you get absolutely zero respect or appreciation for the job you do

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No one looks down on plumbers. It's a pretty respectable trade imo.

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never once heard that in my entire life. when someone calls a plumber they expect a fat stinky fucker to show up in a shitty van and literally dig through their shit. of course they are gonna look down on him

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Op here, feeling hesitant after this thread. Might be better to look at electricians or ironworkers union.

Pic related is front page of the companies website.

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Electricians make good money as long as they can get steady work. Most I know have trouble starting out because they just can’t get the hours when the company doesn’t have much work. If you can land a maintenance job I’m a factory your spend 99% of the day sitting on your ass waiting for something to break. Once you’re apprenticeship is over with it gets a lot better and at that point you also have the option to go into business for yourself.

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Push to get journeyman liscense, after that places will hire on at 80k a year base pay, if you work ot 100k+ easy. Work towards master and I know guys who are making 140-180 a year

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Mid-high level trades like electricians, machinists, plumbers, maintenance techs, etc all generally have the potential to make roughly the same money. It doesn't matter what you're actually doing, what matters is who you work for.

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