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Anyone know how i can fix this broken loop on a bag?

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soak it in gasoline then apply a torch.

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Not all that helpful chief.

Learn to sew

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did someone reply to my post? i got a ding but i have all nameniggers filtered.

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it wont look pretty but you can just hand sew it back on

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This, but if all the stitching is on the inside it won't look too bad. You need to turn the bag inside out and then unpick enough of the seam to allow you to remove the torn off ends of the loop. Then insert the remains of the loop, and then sow it up again from the inside.

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If you don't know an old widow, you should. They need a purpose in life and love to be needed. Go visit a nursing home or a church and befriend one.

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Thats what i was thinking, its a friends bag so i'll have to look at it closet when i get it.

Is the loop salvageable or should i replace it?
If i should replace it im thinking of replacing it with leather but i dont know anything about coloring leather.

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The loop will be smaller because some of it got torn off, whether it's salvageable depends on whether it's functional or decoration. If it's functional it might be too small, but that depends on what it's used for. If it's decorative it'll be fine but won't be the same size of any other loops on the bag, if that matters.

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Unfortunately it is functional.

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In that case you need to make sure the metal loop is inside the blue loop before you sew it up. It looks like it might just be enough but it will definitely be noticeably different from the other loop, again, if that matters. loop the blue material through the metal loop and put a couple of tacking stitches close to the end to hold it together while you sew it into the seam.

>pic related is a useful tool to undo seams, don't use scissors it's easy to cut something other than the stitches (personal experience)

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If that’s a high price, designer item, take it back to the store. It’s a defect, not misuse, and an “even exchange” for a replacement is usually store policy.

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Its just a $50 hot topic bag, my friend got it a year ago and they stopped selling it so its not easily replaceable.

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Take it to a bag/shoe repair place. They'll only charge you $10 or so. It's a 5 min job.

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Wish i had seen this before i did it my self, i didnt do a bad job but they could have done better.

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>I fixed it

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