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The fan works but the lights don’t. Tested it with working bulbs. How do I get the lights working again?

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Are the breakers on?

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Oh sorry, obviously they are if the fan works... Could you check if light bulb sockets are live?

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I don’t have a tool for testing them. Anyway I can test them with stuff I have lying around the house?

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>Inb4 dick caught In ceiling fan

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pull the chain you mouth breathing retard

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>I thought that’d be too obvious to mention but, I guess not.

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Put your finger in there. Or maybe just peek under the canopy to make sure the wires are still connected.

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Lights are probably not hooked up. Fans come with 2 hots.

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I’ll probably do the latter.

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It's likely either that or a bad pull switch. They're cheap and easy to replace.

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Get yourself a free multimeter and start poking around

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Take your light kit apart and look for a little tube or box on the wires that go to your lights. It is a limiter. They tend to go out on Hunter fans. It could also be a loose wire in your light kit. Look on Google like most diy cucks.

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Take it down and make a schematic.

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How much are they paying you to shill for them? Is that why its ever so important that you post a with a trip, so they know how many cents per week to pay you?

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This. The chain/pull switch can go out easily. Mostly do to retards pulling hard on the chain.