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Bought a fluke. They're pretty good compared to cheapo meters.

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Can it measure the electroconductivity of 400 kg imitation crab meat?
Can it measure the load on the roof of an underground shipping container?
Can it measure the charging current of a robotic sex doll made in the exact measurements of 2012 European Gala Kiira Korpi?

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Perhaps their quality is a fluke as well. Haha.

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>tfw I know my dad had a bunch of Fluke meters when he died a couple years ago
>none of them made it to me
Ehh, I totally understand. If my coworker died and I could snag all of his expensive diagnostic tools before they got shipped across the country to his shithead son, I would take them.

Are the measurements or functions any better? Or just built better? I need to upgrade my cheapo one.

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> tfw you post some bullshit anecdotes and ask questions so fucking basic that week old roadkill would be able to answer, just so you can post your name.
Of course a fluke is better than your garage full of shit tier chinesium rubbish you dumb cunt, now get the fuck out. No one wants you here.

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Fluke might not be worth its price anymore.


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You got fluked.

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>chinkpad meme

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A shot of black

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Of course it’s better than the $7 HF ones they give away free with a coupon.

But this >>1398200

Is a $90 Fluke better than a $40 model from another company with similar specs? What is the reliable DIY guy eqivalent? My union rep doesn’t require me to own a Fluke like they do for electricians so my options are open.

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well you need a fluke if you're working on low voltage. maybe there are other reliable brands with 1000v insulated leads and probes. if its just hobby shit or the occaisional car wiring repair then any cheap thing will work as a continuity meter.

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cheap chink garbage these days. cock suckers sold out

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I bought a Fluke 77 about 20 yes ago. It's still working. I'd buy Fluke again but they are so damn expensive, I'll have to buy cheaper next time.

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>>Fluke is expensive!!!
>>Not stealing an agilent u1253b from your previous job that belonged to a spoiled engineer asshole

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how much is fortive paying you to post this on multiple boards?

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Buy jap, don't buy again.

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>he didn’t buy a fieldpiece

Why are sparkies so sensitive about having “their” brand?

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To be fair I do appliance repair and when I updated meters a bit ago it was between the fieldpiece autoranging clamp meter and a fluke 117/323 combo both at about 240. Ended up with the fluke because of the low z setting... doesn’t have temperature like the fieldpiece but I carry thermometers already. Wish they’d put the ncv on the 323 and not the 117 though... who he fuck wants to poke around with a multi meter and not the clamp end of an amp meter? Other than that no complaints

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>he thinks 4.5 digits is good
>34470a master race

fucker gets cal'd with a josephson junction

i've got an SMU with fA precision on my desk too.

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Fluke really is not what it used to be, it is a shame. Still use my old 8060a for most everything, both of the newer better Flukes I got after it have died, the old 8060a just keeps going on.

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for what purpose?

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the VC97 are quite decent
have one for quite some years already and for the hobby shit i'm doing around i'm pretty happy about it

>inb4 someone posts Dave Jones vids where he shits on 200$ multimeters 2 years ago, only to glorify his rebranded chinkshits he sells nowadays

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Just get the Fluke 17b and be done with it.

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>Fluke might not be worth its price anymore.

Plastic mold man is not an authority on multimeters, whether he is popular for fake shop talk or not.

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>Brags about digits

If you had any idea what you're talking about you would be saying guy had a 3458.

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>Master race

Oh sweety.

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What are the better tier multi-meter brands that will survive life at 240v and beyond? After a couple years my uni-t is starting to fall apart.

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>shithead son

Wow. It is almost like you know it

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I bought one of these for 60 coconuts and I used it on a 480v system and I didn't get roasted.

How did I do?

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Any decent intro primer video come to mind for these do-dads?

Sticking metal into outlets just doesn't come as second nature to me.

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My Hioki is good for 1000V cat III, though it doesn't have a µA range.

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If that thing is actually measuring that precisely, the fucking length of the lead wires for the probes and probably the probes themselves would impact the result.

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>Plastic mold man

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idk, like 4-wire sensing or some shit?

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It does, and
is a thing.

t. test engineer

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I know it exists, just not sure if that's what >>1399767's banana ports support. Using bananas in the first place is a bit suspicious, you'd think they'd go for coaxial or better when dealing with 7 decimal places, but perhaps that doesn't matter if you're doing 4-wire sensing.

One if not both of the LCR meters at my Uni's physics lab have 4-wire sensing using banana plugs (miniature banana plugs in one case) so I guess it doesn't matter?

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Miniature banana plugs or pin jacks?

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Looked like miniature banana plugs to me but I don't know what a pin jack is nor how to google it.

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I bough a 15B+ knowing that it has all of the features of a 17B+.
Anywhere I could buy the rubber with all the buttons of a 17B+ or any similar single buttons I could put in their place?

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>yfw your low end multimeter costs more than your monitor

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Not quite but I'll gladly accept your bitcoin (3JuAL8Vv3s7rTtC9jokwTVe8QSw3RqStG4) to buy a better one

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Acquired a fluke model 70 for free today


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>fluke quality

Lel literally just replaced these terminals on a customer's 87V

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Why can't millenials form single sentences these days wout using that word

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If this sense ofliterallyis bothersome, you needn’t use it. If you dislike hearing other people use it, you may continue to be upset. If you would like to broaden your complaint slightly, and insist that the original meaning ofliteralis the only proper one, go right ahead (although, before committing to this, you should be aware that this will restrict you to usingliteralwhen you mean “of, relating to, or expressed in letters”).

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But he has a job, more than likely he isnt a millennial at all. Literally

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friend, that's not a millenial thing. there were even a series of madtv sketches making fun of people who used the term 18 years ago

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I'm on a tight-ish budget and I'm thinking of buying a UNI-T UT139C. Thoughts? Also, what other meters you'd recommend in that ($40-$50) price range?

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I got spoiled using these at work and didn't realize the price

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Same but at my Uni. They replaced all their Flukes last year though, I'll see about asking them for a second-hand 87V.

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UT61E no questions asked, it's a fantastic meter for the price.

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Flukes are just overpriced chink shit.

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Not yet but they're slowly going that way.

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>taking the opinion of that retarded mong seriously
the dude talks shit about stuff he doesn't even understand

>> No.1405440

>reads instructions
>starts cussing the meter out and disassembling it
fucking boomers

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Chinese shit is not bad because they are incapable of making quality stuff.
Its bad because companies spec shit out to cut every corner and be as cheap as possible.

When you buy Chinese from a company like fluke, at least you know they are speccing them out correctly and not cutting corners.
Its not like there you can reasonably get electronics made in the USA with USA parts anymore.

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Start to use USSR/Russian MultMeters.

Digs are for greenies. DMMs are for these: >>1399767
the rest its too overkill and chinky.

My AMM atm, simple and on the go, i have a chinky AMM, but theres always a smd resistor burning up.

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That's just plain awful.

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it depends on what you are working, many times i prefer using my analog tester just because of the "loading".

>> No.1405737

> u1253b
I have one
It'd be my go to meter if it didn't have like 4 hours of battery life

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I got those digits yo. Got to be honest bought this instead of a new car.

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>7 1/2

Y not 8? Are you poor?

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>Plastic mold man

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>fancy multimeter
>unimpressive scope
Why that way around?

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Poorfag all I could afford was 7.5

>> No.1407108

It was all the scope I needed. Plus I have a bench filled with other scopes, spec ans, and other test equipment.

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what real-world situation needs more than 3 or 4 digits for voltage, current, or resistance? And does anyone believe the 7th digit is accurate for voltage, current, or resistance? How about after you've had it for a year? Still believe it?

Seems like the electronics version of a car that can go 180 mph; absolutely no need for it other than feeling superior to the guy who can only go 170 mph; when both of you know you will never go faster than 100 mph, if that, and only on a perfectly straight road then.

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People build and test real-world devices with 3, 4 and more digits of precision. You need to be able to test them somehow.
Also, pretty often just lots of digits is useful for seeing small relative changes. For example, you might have a better-than-shit 5V power supply and you'd like to know how much the output sags under load, what is the warm-up drift or how much temperature affects the output.
And sometimes you just want to measure small signals. While a dedicated (say) microvoltmeter would do the job, it can be more convenient to have a general purpose meter with lots of resolution.

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>People build and test real-world devices with 3, 4 and more digits of precision. You need to be able to test them somehow.

3 and 4, yes, but that's what I said. examples of real-world cases where you need 6 or 7? by "real-world" I exclude sophisticated research labs and other elite activities. When has anyone ever needed to know that a resistance was 423.7257 ohms, rather than 423.7?

>> No.1407161

>I exclude sophisticated research labs and other elite activities.
That's a rather retarded exclusion, as such "elite activities" are obviously part of the target market of that meter. Besides, that meter in his pic is only $3000. It's cheap enough that any bigger company can have it if they think that they occasionally need a slightly better meter.

>examples of real-world cases where you need 6 or 7?
The guaranteed 1 year DC accuracy of that meter is 0.0016%. In other words, 4½ digits. The remaining digits are useful for those relative and low level measurements I mentioned.

>When has anyone ever needed to know that a resistance was 423.7257 ohms, rather than 423.7?
I made such measurements some months ago.

>> No.1407177

>I made such measurements some months ago.

damn, I feel like I'm pulling teeth. What were you doing in a non-elite situation where you needed to know the 7th digit of a resistance? I'm just curious.

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Just 6 digits; the company isn't big or elite enough to buy new meters all the time.
I was making an instrument which basically measures very small relative resistance changes and I needed a bunch of test resistors with accurately known ratios.

Not that it really matters. An expensive multimeter without a resistance range is a joke and if your meter is 7½ digits, then the resistance range will be too.

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If you want to measure resistance accurately, you need a dedicated meter.

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I am a Metrologist, I use this to calibrate other test equipment. Also I have this calibrated to our own standards every year. After the first year it was still in tolerance. Plus I do not have a gf, but I this is my waifu.

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I am a Metrologist, I use this to calibrate other test equipment. Also I have this calibrated to our own standards every year. After the first year it was still in tolerance. Plus I do not have a gf, this is my waifu.

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Avo8 is the last meter you will ever buy. Evershed and vignol. True craft

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Oy meteorologist nigger, what kind of degree do you have and how did you get into the industry? You in the US?

Also who do you work for? Don’t need a company name, just type of company and position maybe.

My little bro graduated with an atmospheric sciences degree but he double majored in compootahs because he wanted the option to make money after 4 years of school. He’s still on the fence about going back for his masters in atmospheric sciences because he says you pretty much have to keep researching to get a good job in that field.

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toppest of kek.

>> No.1409351

Oi, can’t read

Learn a new word everyday.

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>tfw people post your meme

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ay? evershed&vignoles were meggers, not avos. fine looking things though.

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Depends on your definition of “accuracy”

>> No.1409525

That anon's fancy DMM is, in fact, a pretty good resistance meter.

>> No.1409549

Someone will have a use.
Maybe a certain someone is calibrating / testing strain gauges or microelectronics. Tempco characterization.
Could be to bin parts, or match component pairs, or to verify differential measurements.
Some sensing devices might only change their resistance by a few ppm and this could be used to verify correct operation.
Stuff the end user doesn't need, but the manufacturers do.

>> No.1409600


>opening the meter with a soldering iron

get fuckkeeeddddd

>> No.1409746

Do these models have true rms?

>> No.1409795

Oi cunty, not everybody here is just a hobbyist or general sparky.
Have you heard of ECG? Wow.... Try to design something that can recognize change in nanoampers or microvolts because your body is awesome. What about EEG (brain waves dumb ass).
In "real life" situations you are going to use the Fluke to measure continuity (for which Fluke is the best ever) few miliamps or measure a dead battery.
Lets assume that I know nothing because you know more.

>> No.1409820

>measure continuity
lmao wut? Flukes are great because they're one of the few well known brands that insulates their leads. as opposed to every chinkypoo multimeter that doesnt. so when you go to measure a low voltage line you tend not to die because there's less than a mm of plastic for that sexy 1000v rating.

>> No.1409882

>he doesn't know analog meters have infinite precision

>> No.1409889


how many digits can be read from an analog meter? 3?

I bought the 7 1/2 digit meter for one reason: I want to know what that final digit is, and I want it to be dead accurate. Do that with your 1960s analog meter.

>> No.1409898

>how many digits can be read from an analog meter? 3?
As many as you want obviously, just look closer if you need more accuracy.

>> No.1409905

>As many as you want obviously, just look closer

stop being retarded. you cannot read 5 digits on an analog meter

>> No.1409911

>more accuracy
That's not gonna improve much by looking closer. Stop trolling, fageat.

>> No.1410598

>What is uncertainty

>> No.1410799

I don’t know how I could survive without my 789 Processmeter.

>> No.1410996

I have two of these, still work very well.

>> No.1411111

Which brick & mortar stores sell decent multimeters? Home Depot and Lowe’s have a couple and thn there’s HF but they don’t take coupons on them and I would rather buy a Klein from Home Depot for the same price as the $70 Ames at HF.

Am I going to have to tun to Amazon? They have tons that looks straight for $30-$50.

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File: 146 KB, 639x873, 3F6B9DDC-3635-46F1-8962-A5324A9C0067.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck I got nice numbers.

And along with that, is there anything I will regret about pic related compared to the $70-$90 Klein models at Home Depot or the $70 Ames at HF?

Just going to be used around the house and cars. Want something better than the HF one I got for free and I kinda want the temp sensor. Seems like it would be $200 to get anything close in a Fluke and I’m not an electician.


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File: 72 KB, 1000x1000, 28B80050-9712-4245-BE23-76061E7F5309.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>true RMS
Any input for DIY guy? There is a $69 or $99 Klein at Home Deopt. The more expensive one is TRMS. And the $69 Ames at HF is TRMS.

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File: 68 KB, 565x250, F39FEF2D-1585-44F9-99AD-F1321351A5A6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think I’m leaning towards the Klein MM600. The Ames from HF is “True RMS” but from reading a little bit I don’t think it will matter much for me. And the $99 Klein is TRMS but other than that looks like the same as the $69 model and isn’t sold in stores.

Compared to the HF Ames w/ TRMS I think I will get the Klein because...
>2yr warranty vs 90-day from HF
>gator clips for probes on Klein
>Uses AAA vs 9V
>Is a Klein but still seems like decent value for money

Any final advice?

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File: 284 KB, 640x912, B3E025A5-C80C-4FD6-8617-BF2462A06143.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Upside to the HF Ames-
>get free magnetic tool dish
>coupon for IR thermometer for $5 if I spend over $50
>good reviews
>True RMS

I think that Ames is made by a solid company, not the same Chinesium as the cheaper Cen-Tech models they sold.

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File: 2.55 MB, 4032x3024, F9FDBDF7-4360-49E8-A822-018F5AC67E0A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Slow ass board. Hopefully I don’t regret not spending $30 more on the TRMS. I think at that point if I get so deep into it, I’ll get a Fluke.

>> No.1411651

You can it just takes a very very long needle

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>tfw now I get to look like I know what I’m doing even though I have no fucking clue what’s happening

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you're turning into a clown, beepy

>> No.1411708

>imblyign I wasn’t already
I’m still trying to find out whether or not I wasted my money but it’s like every other board on 4chan where asking for real advice is somewhat hopeless.

The fucker is big so that’s cool. Was real close to going with the $49 Klein but it had a smaller screen and didn’t make me look as smart.

>> No.1411860

Do not hope for much from the HF meter or the Klein. A Chinese meter is a Chinese meter. There are some build quality variations. They are all going to use the same subpar shortcuts and low quality components. Check out the eevblog for some cheap multimeter reviews and save your money. HF are marking up Chinese meters, and as well as Klein. Reed Instruments in Amazon are decent builds for Chinese meters without a huge mark up. Come with a year warrenty too.

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File: 2.06 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It tests batteries just fine. Found a 2032 doin laundry and it’s dead!

I probably paid $20-$30 for the Klein than I would for a lesser known brand with the same features on Amazon. But this thing seems solid. I think there’s a 2yr manufacturer warranty, and it’s way fucking better than the little POS I had so I won’t be doubting the readings. They seem to sell a lot of them and the reviews are decent overall. If I hate it and absolutely need a Fluke in the future, I’ll give the thing to my little bro or gf’s dad.

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Lads perfect thread, what do the lads think of this badboy?
Are there problems testing batteries.. ect? I'm using it for small projects like RC planes ect, but might also want to test 240v and car batteries,
My last one was some unknown chink brand, and i can't tell if the chingo ones for a buck 50 will even work

>> No.1412029

how is it "non-contact"

>> No.1412036

you hold that gray stub on the top near AC lines and it will beep/glow to tell you it is powered

>> No.1412133

From doin some research on em lately, a lot of people complain about the non-contact voltage detectors on cheaper meters so don’t trust it 100% before you go playing with wires. Be safe.

How much is it on AliExpress? They have it on Amazon for like $16 if you don’t want to wait 3 months. And think about those attached leads because there’s a ton of other options for <$40. And the thing only measures in mA.

>> No.1412513

are those leads permanently attached?
that would be a no go for me but I dont know much about noncontact meters

>> No.1412596

The non-contact thing is only to tell you whether a wire is live or not before you start tearing into it. The $70 HF Ames meter had that and lots of people complained that it wasn’t trustworthy (lots of false positives which I guess is better than false negatives) so I doubt anon’s $15 meter will be very reliable in that aspect.

Also I still don’t know what I’m doing but the fact that it only reads up to 0.2 amps could be limiting and anon could spend $10-$15 more and get something more capable.

>> No.1412677
File: 132 KB, 800x451, i-mLGd7CK-L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Non-contacts are nice for a final sanity check on a wire or quick test to whether not an outlet is live.
The pen-style ones are cheap as fuck (even a nice Fluke will set you back about $30) and work well on 120v/240v wiring.

>> No.1412702

Dope thinkpad, is it a W520?

>> No.1413476

What would you recommend for under 40 bucks? Voltages is primary concern (for batteries and small electrical projects)

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File: 680 KB, 640x1136, 5E123CB8-CD77-4AF8-9B22-5C156C78411F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck if I know. I’m still learning how to use that Klein I bought. But I think the attached leads and the really low amp rating would be a downside. If you absolutely hate those leads or want to do alligator clips, you don’t even have the option.

On Amazon, there’s the Innova 3320, it’s auto ranging and is super popular with good reviews and only $19.

Otherwise I almost got pic related. The reviews are good and it seems like a steal. I think it has all of the features that the $100 Klein meter has.

Other option is Home Depot and the $49 Klein meter. People seem to like those things. You will probably get more value for money with the other options but at least you get a brand you know from a brick and mortar store.

>> No.1413543

>>but at least you get a brand you know from a brick and mortar store.

Still made in China in a factory that is probably the same as the Klein or next to the factory. You are buying a name and the markup of a brick and mortar store. I am a calibration technician. I have seen every make and model imaginable. Ideal, Klein, Southbend, and Craftsman are all made in China and you are buying a brand. Save your MO et and buy a no name from Amazon with good reviews. Dave Jones from the eevblog has reviews of under 40 meters that are worth the money. I have seen plenty of the "name" brand meters way out of specifications. The whole, "I only use it for low voltage DC or for battery checks". You would be surprised how far off they will be. I have seen meters at 10.00 VDC reading 8.99 VDC. VAC will be even worse.

>> No.1413548

I think you posted that video earlier but it was like 2hrs long. I was really close to ordering the one I posted above. Even though I know I overpaid a bit for the Klein name, I’m happy with it. I won’t be second guessing myself like with my super cheap HF one. And the cheap ass one went in my roadside emergency bag (and the 9V battery inside will probably explode by the time I need it).

>> No.1413553

>Even though I know I overpaid a bit for the Klein name,

Probably not that much. The whole 4chan claim that "everything is made at the same place" is hard for me to believe.

>> No.1413562

>The whole 4chan claim that "everything is made at the same place" is hard for me to believe.
I think there's some truth to it, but people should also keep in mind that name brands (obviously) have a brand to protect so they tend to have better customer service and warranty policies than random ching chong huja haja manufacturers do, and that's often worth the markup of buying brand name tools.

>> No.1413583

I have opened up plenty, they have a lot of the same manufacturers stamped on the boards.

>> No.1413586

Just buy this:

>> No.1413599

>they have a lot of the same manufacturers stamped on the boards.

yes, I would expect a lot of the junk ones to be identical, but do you see the same boards in names like Klein and 10 dollar crap? That's what I'm saying, is that reputable brands are unlikely to be identical to the junk.

>> No.1413609

Differentfag here, sometimes you see things like the same PCBs reused among different brands(even some "respected" ones), but it's the little things that make the brand name stuff's build quality superior. For example you often see things like proper over voltage protection or shock absorbing grommets missing on el cheapo devices even though they would make the product essentially equivalent to the brand name product. Just something that I remembered now that I started thinking about an appliance repair job I held for a while.

>> No.1413646
File: 2.84 MB, 4032x3024, 20271186-E557-45F8-AECF-00D7E5C1999E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

True, but this is also true >>1413562

The Klein one is waterproof and made to withstand some abuse and it has a 2 year warranty I beieve. I’m guessing that if I start to have issues with it 6 months later, it would be easier to get it solved with the Klein meter from Home Depot than the Feng Shui meter from AliExpress. And like I mentioned before, I trust the Klein readings more.

>one review

On the topic of electronicals, I got pic related with a coupon from the ol’ Harbor Freight. I mostly bought it for my 50cc scoot because it doesn’t get a whole lot of use and can he slow to start after a month of not touching it.

Would a 4amp charger ever do anything for a car battery?

>> No.1413649
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>last digit
>dead accurate
nigger, did you ever even read the specs? in the best case scenario you're looking at about 10ppm uncertainty
there is no such thing as a dead accurate meter

>> No.1414253

It's a T520.

>> No.1415061

Newports black people shouldn't mess with electric of any kind

>> No.1415647

They bought avo and made the best 8's. Meggers were great. Remember dad shocking me for keks when i was 4

>> No.1415650


Google image search for "copper thieves"

>> No.1415663

Amazing there are fucking faggots who think where something is made determines quality anymore.

>> No.1415918

But it does.

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