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>being this autistic

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It's like calling a ATTINY a SoC.

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fuck off you worthless retard

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>All in one
>No screen

Kys cuck

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i has screen

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t.Stevie Wonder

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Fuck off.

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prove that an attiny isn't a soc

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low memory

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where is the memory controller, you fucking autist? kys

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your "arduino" for retardeses and also have low memory

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>not sure if shitpost or shill

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Why not both?

Choke on a bag of dicks you faggot.

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Once is shitpost.
Twice is autism.
Three times is shilling.

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If it can't shitpost on 4chan then it's worthless to me.

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See the writing "hello world"? That is the screen. It is an OLED screen.

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>not esp32

8266 btfo

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See the words "sucker" on your forehead? That is OP. It is a flaming faggot.

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Can't load programs from external memory.

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That uses a z80, it's not even close to being related to an AVR.

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to expensive

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very close

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>hurr durr it has a screen it's a computer.
Nigga you wouldn't know a computer from your asshole. That thing is no better than a solar powered calculator with fucking wifi. Do you even 8266? Do you even know what it is? How it works? Why it even looks like that?

Nope. You woke up, had a grande latte enema, checked people's privilege and declared a wifi module with minimal resources as a "computer". Please post picture of screen on your ass so we can laugh at you claiming its a computer.

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>calculators aren't computers.
What do you require a computer to do? Show you tentacle porn?

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>What do you require a computer to do? Show you tentacle porn?

Well, "yes", among other things...

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>minimal resources

32 KiB instruction RAM
32 KiB instruction cache RAM
80 KiB user data RAM
16 KiB ETS system data RAM
very disent

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Fuck off you twat and look up the difference instead of shit posting.

Ever use it? Or you just copying and pasting shit like the rest of the hippy fuckwads? Try it, then maybe you can post intelligently. The damn thing will even run 160MHz, but it is no computer. It's a microcontroller with a built in wifi module. Extremely handy module, however, if you can manage your resources correctly. Depends what libraries you use as well.

>small io count
>not many peripherals
>forced to bootstrap only a few libraries supported by cucks
>shitty Chinese documentation

Computer huh.

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only problem is- you aruinotard

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LOL here come another moron who's never used it.

It doesn't only run twitdiuno fuckwad but then you never knew that did you. What you don't know shits up boards like this every day. Go suck a cock you undereducated shit bag.

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aruino=overpriced shit for retarded people


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>free software
>$1 microcontrollers from china

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no wifi, tiny memory, huge price

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>Can't load programs from external memory.

>can't interface with external memory

I mean, it's a pain in the ass, but try harder, son.

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can load programs from internet!

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assblasted aruinotard
top fucking kek

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>computer from your asshole
my sides holy fucking christ

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saving this pasta, here's another one in exchange:

Hi Anon. Here's my problem. I'm trans and I haven't gotten into dating until recently. I never considered myself as attractive until last Saturday. Last Saturday at a bar thing I was at, two guys asked me out. No one has ever asked me out before, or made hints about having sex with me. It made me feel really valued, if only on a purely physical level.
I went on a date with one of them and it was awesome, until I told him I was trans. He basically made an excuse that he wants to settle down and have biological kids, and he cant do that with me. It really hurt to hear that, to hear that I was his perfect match but since I couldn't have kids it was a no go. It made me feel like damaged goods. My problem is that I still see him as a relatively decent person (I mean he didnt freak out and try to hurt me), and i still want him in my life even if we wont date. Is this wise? Should I just cut him lose and not worry about him or should do what I can to have a friendship with him?
Thanks for listening anon.

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Nigga you wouldn't know an 8266 from your asshole. That thing is no better than a solar powered calculator with fucking wifi. Do you even Computer? Do you even know what it is? How it works? Why it even looks like that?

Nope. You woke up, had a bag of cheetos, checked /pol/ and declared a wifi module with minimal resources as an "8266". Please post picture of screen on your ass so we can laugh at you claiming its an 8266.

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32 KiB instruction RAM
32 KiB instruction cache RAM
80 KiB user data RAM
16 KiB ETS system data RAM

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After u load it you don't have much to play with. Even the wifi engine takes ram and such.

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I don't need to look it up I know what a computer is, and i know you are a mongoloid.

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Obviously not with your retarded conception of the English language. How the fuck can you call that thing a computer?

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>no UV-flash ability
>no cassette/floppy driver

French m68k vet here, I'm not buying such a shitboard when I can get a cucked minitel for free

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>huge price

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Dude, you don't know what a computer is. We all know you don't know what a computer is. No mater how much chest thumping or name calling or poo flinging you do, we will still say you don't know what a computer is.

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Where exactly can I order this computer, with that screen, for 5$?

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6 pins, 2024 bytes memory, nude chip

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>6 pins, 2024 bytes memory
What are you, stupid? The ATMega328p has 23 IO pins and 32kB of flash memory. Admittedly it is closer to $2 than $1, but it's hardly expensive. You only use an ATtiny85 if you really don't need anything else.

Now please stop responding to a bait thread that's creeped in from /g/, see >>1354881.

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I hate you and this fucking thread.

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Can you even get these anymore?

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Can you use a search engine you stupid fuck?

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Yes cumstain! Fucking neck yourself, fucking basement dwellers getting uppity!

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So no? That would have been quicker. Would've been a nifty little toy.

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The fuck is this, Amazon? Ali is where the real deals happen if you can't read enough Chinese to go on the native sites.

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That's the manufacturer, and ali express and baba say so solly have happy time with other items

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Bah, chances are a knockoff will sort your purposes fine.

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8266 has its uses brej

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esp ftw

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I'm about to start my first project with these bitches, got ten ESP8266 and ten ESP32 in the mail. Glad to no longer be an arduinofag

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>Glad to no longer be an arduinofag

AVRs are solid but limited.

ESP is strong and has wifi.

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she is not robot.

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I'm pretty sure it has to do with the number and type of peripherals it has.

If it's just got spi ic2 and uart, it's a micro controller. If it's got any of: video usb and networking, it's probably a SoC. If it's got a pci bus, it's definitely a SoC.

The esp is odd because it's got way more memory than a standard micro, and it's got network. But it's still a microcontroller.

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It's not a computer.

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Can i watch blacked.com on this?

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That would be the funniest hack.... It would probably take 30 minutes to load, because it doesn't have the muscle to do a software scaler in real-time, let alone decode.... But it could probably decode scale and dump it a frame at a time into RAM...

Yeah. You could watch blacked, if you were bored enough and knew enough about writing your item mpeg4 decoders.

This is making me want to boot up the slowest 32 bit box I've got, and time how long it takes to decode a single frame. At 180MHZ the MIPS chip in my old router is still lightning fast compared to the esp, but it's the closest analog I've got.

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but can it seed torrents at 1gbit a second?

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my sides = absolutely obliterated

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what project if its not a secret?

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You could multi bit spi it out to a decent Cortex with a tft screen. I bet you'd be able to get 30fps with a small screen if you had a bit of ram.

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I'm deploying a network of iot weather stations in an area that has wifi coverage. Two mcus in each unit: the esp8266s will be running sensors and the esp32s will be running cameras. Nothing too exciting, but it gives me an excuse to dick around with these esp modules.

Anyone got any library/protocol/etc recommendations for networking with these things? I'm leaning toward using Homie and mqtt ala http://marvinroger.github.io/homie-esp8266/ but I'm open to alternatives, especially since afaik Homie don't play with esp32.

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Mqtt requires a server as a broker. Sucks. I make my own payload on a socket json. You have enough horsepower to encrypt as well.

The twitduinio libs work well but there are gotchas between the lines (like when and when not to use timers with respect to wifi etc). Took me a while but once you set it up right it flies without leaks.

Don't be afraid to bump up the clock speed.

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>Mqtt requires a server as a broker. Sucks.

Mosquitto seems like it'll do the trick pretty easily, is there something I'm missing?

Thanks for the tips. I'm going to be running these units on battery banks wired up with solar panels, I assume bumping the clock speed would increase their power consumption (which I'm trying to keep to a minimum)? Or do these things have a deep sleep mode I could use between transmissions? I'm only planning on sending data from them once every 10 mins, if I can make them sleep I could probably afford to up the clock speed.

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It's just my style, and I hate those wanna be industrial tag databases. I also try to keep my includes small and keep an eye on my heap until I'm sure it's good. I've chucked enough libraries out solely on their heap usage on the esp and made my own way more efficiently, so there's always room for improvement if you need it. IIRC you have to cook in your own Historian in mosquitto but that may of changed. Also, they are about as secure as a shoebox. I've already developed strategies for encrypting/encoding stuff like that and use cloud servers running node on Linux to pick things up easily. But if you don't care about all that it should work for what you wanna do. It's all about the application bro.

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Holy shit

Why is ESP so based

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One of you niggers please hold one of these boards in your hand so I can get an idea of the size

Ive been assuming these are the size of an arduino nano, and now I'm thinking that's retarded and that it's a full 2×2 graham cracker size. Is the form factor thick as a brick

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But does it run BLACKED

>> No.1364076

But i want my blacked.com, i need my blacked.com or i cant even think straight desu

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This is /diy/, not /b/. Take your shitposting and bumping elsewhere.

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>shit posting

Maybe you need to stop posting buddy. This is a fine thing to diy something out of. May not be a computer but it's not pretending to be something, unlike you.

Stay the fuck off /diy you shit posting faggot.

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see: >>1354881

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>May not be a computer
just need BASIC

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What the fuck is this? This is an extremely slow board, dipshit

this isn't /g/

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/g don't solder or program outside of Windoze.

Try again.

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>doesn't solder
probably not

>doesn't program outside of windows
I see you don't visit /g/. if you actually believe this, then there is probably no way to reason with you.

>> No.1366154

The number of fit friendly Linux threads, daily programming threads, and install Gentoo threads kinda prove you wrong.

As for soldering, most people on /g say to ask on /diy

>> No.1366184

It'll be a cold day in hell when they actually discuss any kind of programming outside of autisticallly discussing which type is better.

Nothing useful is discussed there compared to /diy/.

>> No.1366200

oh, so you haven't been on /g/ then.
tip: sort by reply count

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You're laughing because we're bumping your ctrl-v bait post, aren't you?

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You can't be serious.

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Which post?

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arlenes slippers have cute puyo faces

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The OP. It was apparently spammed on /g/ and now it's here too. Again, see >>1354881.

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why you crazzy?

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Mods please delete an obvious shill thread.

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I've already reported him like 10 times, mods don't care.

WOW that's a great method to manufacturing a bomb! That's sure to put a great big dent in airforce one thanks!

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The only shill here is you and your hatred, incompetence and misunderstanding for this stuff and the spirit of diy. Also the mods will never help you so do it yourself.

>> No.1367549

>WOW that's a great method to manufacturing a bomb! That's sure to put a great big dent in airforce one thanks!
Yes, it is

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See >>1354881
This guy has bumped his thread 10 times when it's been nowhere near page 10, and his entire thread is a one-image copypasta from /g/. Sure if this just turned into a microcontroller thread that would be fine, but regardless there's no need for the constant bumping. It isn't acceptable on any other thread on /diy/ and it shouldn't be acceptable here.

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but you dog level creature and you Live not Matter

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we need Microsoft 4k basic!

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I know a few things I could do with this. Great auxiliary computer for example, for simple tasks like monitoring and automation.

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good job:
but we need BASIC with TFTP client

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i found the code:
who will make release for OUR ALL-IN-COMPUTERs?

>> No.1368234

we need only ps2 keyboard
and OLED librares,
basic itslef is shity
good basic is:
but varibale menegement is complety wrong
need to rewrite

>> No.1368323

>good basic is:
>but varibale menegement is complety wrong
>need to rewrite
also programm storage is f-cked
it useless

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I built this to water my plants automatically every day for 3 minutes. Works well for this application. I programmed it to turn on at startup so I can use it manually as well.

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I was using the pro mini model with 64x128 mini lcd screen fit inside a small Altoids box, but I fried it when I tried to Vin = 12V. So I had to use 5V USB power to power up Arduino, and 12V to power up water pump.
Current setup lets me use single 12V for both the Ard, and pump.

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>This is your brain on /v/

>> No.1370725

It's not just a pain in the ass, it's literally impossible. You can't execute a jump instruction to internal sram nor external memory.
The memory map does not work that way. It is a modified harvard architecture which treats program and data separately.
That is specifically why the attiny has "LD" instruction to access data from the program flash area.
And don't be a retard by saying you can emulate/interpret instructions fetch externally.
The attiny is not a soc.

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Fool me one time, shame on me
Fool me twice, shame on you
Fool me three times, shame on me

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>> No.1370729


>> No.1370730

but it not all-in-one
need a TVset

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How do I stop this slope from blowing out?

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>> No.1371480

Has anyone found a source for this antique yet?

>> No.1371963 [DELETED] 


>> No.1372016

Hey dickhead! Where can you even get one anymore?

>> No.1372050

what the fuck is this thread

>> No.1372054

This shit has been spammed on /g/ all the time. Now the cancer seems to have migrated to /diy/. Just ignore the dude bumping this shit all day every day

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Anon, I want to give you a hug now. Thanks!

>> No.1373230

this basic is good
i compiled it for windows with tcc and get 258048 bytes EXE

>> No.1373241

>Not interpreting ARM instructions in external DRAM on your AVR https://hackaday.com/2012/03/28/building-the-worst-linux-pc-ever/
>Shiggy Diggy

If you don't need to do it too often it would be possible to copy the external memory to flash and then execute from there.

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girl on right is topanga from boi meets world.

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Too new and modern...Zx80 with 1k

>> No.1377220

Finest Chinese marketing five bucks can buy.

>> No.1377638

it /diy/ so you must market it to self by self

>> No.1377643

esp8266 has more than 128kb RAM

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But can it run TempleOS?

>> No.1377989

But what does it do?

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Ah, I misunderstood what you meant. I thought you literally meant you couldn't utilize an external memory module to store/retrieve any program data at all, not that it wasn't directly addressable.

I was going to say you could copy a program from another chip and run it on an AVR without actually having to address the external memory, but that's obviously a shitty (if technically doable) solution.

>And don't be a retard by saying you can emulate/interpret instructions fetch externally.

Totally wasn't what I was gonna say...

>> No.1378051

not yet

>> No.1378053


>> No.1378120

You could do tftp but I suppose you'd have to offload the basic to a stamp.

You then can do all your buttons and screen via spi and buffers. You don't get alot of io on it. Esp would just be bus swapping for the most part but it's doable. Id bus out an SD card too if I could.

What were u planning for a base library?

>> No.1378233 [DELETED] 
File: 130 KB, 926x486, 5USD_ALL_IN_ONE_COMP_B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Donate please

>> No.1378236

$609? Have you already got a production estimate? I'd like to see a prototype first however.

>> No.1378526

This is not the case but I'm looking for a display as small as that one, where can I get one?

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That's a fucking $2 display from ali.

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It's probably a good idea to use capacitive buttons or otherwise a tactile membrane keypad instead of those SMD pushbuttons.

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too expensive

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Well capacitive buttons can be made just with some pads on the PCB and maybe a specialised IC. Resistive buttons would be even easier with just a 2-sided snaky copper pattern that your finger bridges with something to buffer the signal, in the style of this image.

>> No.1379926

Got any formal definition for a computer then? Might be the better way to go instead of flaming this...

>> No.1379942

>Resistive buttons
>capacitive buttons

it all shit, trust me

>> No.1379945

Does your phone have a tactile touch screen?

>> No.1379990

yes, and it terrible

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>> No.1380246


>> No.1380369
File: 464 KB, 1416x1424, wantTHIS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1380489

That's a really nice board. I'm going to get a few of it.

>> No.1380515

Same here. Looks like a lot fun per sq.cm.

>> No.1380727

If you can fucking find one.

>> No.1380834

>computer from your asshole

Interesting. A single universal port. Need more peripherals? Stretch it out & plug in. Plus, like it or not, it'd be the best of what's available for watching pr0n. Butt (see what I did there), I degress, using the front side of a teen's torso would be best. Keep the plugs in the rear, use the firm, supple, tiny breasts as controllers, the slightly flared hips as hand rests, the vagina, well, no substitute for it, best tool while fapping to pr0n, cock warmer for the rare times of no pr0n, it's fresher, tighter, and no worries of lag if you regularly run kegel mode.
**There's another version that's more portable. Controller mounds are absent in favor of tiny buttons, or switches, however you prefer to use & name. Side hand rests are replaced with more pleasurable palm sized, tightly firm molds on the back bottom for the hands to cup. The rear socket is just as pleasing for pr0n watching use, however, the front is so tight you'll think you'll break yourself off - no need for kegel maintenance until after lots of years of use and even then it's only for a little touch up if desired.**
If you prefer big, slow, troublesome, work with so much lag it's like falling into a giant sloppy ether, well, theirs the adult model.
All assuming you're not a
fag who wants a joystick model to ride on. Yikes!
Yes, on all these the screen sets nicely on the tummy.
Live versions include 4 poseable extensions for holding drinks or whatever, 3D capable audio input, 1 loudspeaker, & stereo webcam. All these are useable apparatus for your pleasures while watching pr0n. If you can't figure out the extra pr0n usage have no fear of there being no manual for any female model/version, simply expand your pr0n viewing & you'll figure it out.One warning: the loudspeaker is generally best if stuffed as it consistently causes problems. Again, no manual & no attempts have ever succeeded in fixing it.

>> No.1380836

The female portable version is actually nice. Really, nice. Also loving, loyal, fun, etc. The only model to ever have such features. It's the best built for use and generally lacks corruption. Historically it's been the favored version with the lower teen ones coming in second & even in today's restrictive, anti-competitive environment it's still the highest desired though with extremes of secrecy. However, though today's markets promote dressing it up in the most seductive manner part of the anti-sales program has been to make it a simple model for lite games, severely lacking suitability for the hardware design it possesses. Basically, you can't touch so don't even look. Be glad you have (the variously named) perverted Japanese cartoon drawings. that you lie about fapping to.
For the interested, yes, there's technically a female "pocket" version but, no, just no. Instead let someone put you on a demo of the male version called "Bubba".
That's it for today's presentation. Thank you for cumming. Please clean up after yourselves. Oh, and before grabbing brochures check your local laws, most likely you can't have them - except the aforementioned perverted Japanese stuff. Cum again when we present the animal friendly products.

>> No.1381512

Ordered mine from aliexpress... Should be here in 30-60 days.

>> No.1382978

Why lie on the internet?

>> No.1383029

Fool me once shame on you
Fool me twice shame on me
Fool me three times.... won't get fooled again!
t. President of the USA

>> No.1383045

Ok. It wasn't $5.00. More like $10.00.

>> No.1383322

And discontinued!

>> No.1384697


>> No.1385949

Well you try.


>> No.1385983

Not good enough! Do better!

>> No.1386063


>> No.1386064


>> No.1386082
File: 20 KB, 300x402, russian-abak.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pleb, heres a fully functional computer for 2$

>> No.1386145

Not gonna lie, that first one is interdasting

>> No.1386155

Calculator not computer.

>> No.1386233

Calculator is computer.

>> No.1386242

>first one
only 128x64 OLED

>> No.1386246
File: 105 KB, 670x447, DSC07916_670.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like the vtol Hot Ninja

>> No.1386254

How much do you need to scroll through a few temps or other sensor readings? Most likely just something that gets out of tolerance. You not using it for call of duty. I was thinking a battery charger, read out temp and charge

>> No.1386338

Calculator is not a general purpose computing device.

>> No.1386350

>general purpose computing device
>inventing definitions for computer

>> No.1386366

>Losing an argument
>Reduced to semantic quibbling
Go be fat elsewhere

>> No.1386392

>inventing terms
>automatically winning an argument
Go be a sjw somewhere else

>> No.1386396

So you've never heard the expression "general purpose computing device" before, yet think you are smart enough to discuss computers?

>> No.1386397

>to compute
to reckon, to calculate
He was computing amount of apples he will stuck up his arse
Unless it is in oxford dictionary. Its not english and cannot considered to be a valid term. Also that term doesnt appear to be in any official terminology books. Tell me moar, how you're smart enough to discuss computers yourself?

>> No.1386398

The classic Dictionary Attack, where someone pulls out a dictionary definition that suits his arguments and declares himself the winner.

>> No.1386402

Then explain in your words what "general purpose computing device" means, even if we throw away terminology indexes, its still means a device meant for general calculations. Which still is a fucking calculator. Because to compute means to calculate, nothing else.

>> No.1386415

Calculator :

Something used for making mathematical calculations, in particular a small electronic device with a keyboard and a visual display.

Computer :

1. An electronic device for storing and processing data, typically in binary form, according to instructions given to it in a variable program.
1.1 A person who makes calculations, especially with a calculating machine.

Right from Oxford u cheeky cunt.

>> No.1386418

So you're saying, a calculator does not store and process data?

>> No.1386425

Maybe a number or 2 but it can't store strings or files and such.. All of which are data.

It can't perform execution of programs only what the arithmetic unit will do.

It can't deal with extra hardware it's been given instructions for.

It doesn't move memory values around.

By your definiton a quad nand gate tsop package also processes and stores data.. But it's no calculator.

Maybe you fuckwads should stop arguing over ambiguous terms like Facebook twats over ambiguous mathematical problems.

48÷2(9+3) = ? is it 2 or 288?

>> No.1386433

>Reduced to semantic quibbling
This entire argument has been based on the definition of "computer", there was never not any semantic quibbling. The first mechanical "computers" were all just calculators, but definitions change over time.

>a variable program
This is the main point, but graphing calculators can be programmed via USB.

>> No.1386443

Graphing calculators are computers not just calculators.

>> No.1386445

only 128x32 OLED
2nd have 128x64 OLED

>> No.1386447

>vtol Hot Ninja
3 ESP, lol
tupical retatarded design of arduino tards

>> No.1386458

This. Some seem to think "if it doesn't run Mac OS or Windows, it's not a computer" where others are using "turing-complete" and the trolls seem to think "anything that can add 2 numbers together."

>> No.1386468

Even graphing calcs have an OS. Regular calcs do not. Neither does the esp, until you load it with some added instructions. You could call an esp8266 a computer but I disagree because it requires more instructions before it can process anything. It's more of a part then a computer really.

>> No.1386528
File: 80 KB, 768x576, BASIC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1386632

No different to having to install an OS onto a computer before you can use it.

>> No.1386670

shutup ching chong

>> No.1386888

>until you load it with some added instructions.
Fun fact, "boot" is in fact short for "pulling yourself up with your bootstraps." When turned on, all CPUs are only just smart enough to fetch a small program from an external source (generally EEPROM these days) which is itself only smart to configure the CPU and chipset to fetch a larger program from an external source (generally the hard drive) and this larger program is what is in charge of loading the OS, which in turn is what loads the programs you actually want to run.

So you see how saying "an MCU isn't a computer" simply because it needs an external program to be useful doesn't make sense.

>> No.1386892
File: 20 KB, 600x420, 1523760577063.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the current national US debt to China?

>> No.1386911

This is Japanese...

>> No.1386914

Found the weeb

>> No.1387040

Korean, Chinese, and Japanese characters are all fairly distinct if you know what to look for. Still can't tell their faces apart though.

>> No.1388587 [DELETED] 


>> No.1388862

This Thread is still up? WTF

>> No.1388935 [DELETED] 


>> No.1388958 [DELETED] 

ctrl-f "bump"

>> No.1389308


Sure so my graphics controller.. Is a computer.

The hdd controller.. Is a computer.

Wireless keyboard... Is a computer.

BASIC stamp... Is a computer.

Nic/Wi-Fi controller... Is a computer.

My fucking monitor.. Is a computer.

All need external programs to be even remotely useful and most come with some sort of bios or bootstrap program. All can perform computation. Must be computers.

Sure... Let's just consider all components of a computer as the computer itself. The sum of its parts is now ambiguous as the induvidual components and usability is completely ignored. No need to discriminate now all silicon is created equally. It's not longer a controller it's a computer. It's not longer a script or a dynamically linked library or a binary executable or a web page or a compiler it's an app. It's not a server farm it's a cloud. It's not a router or an ap it's an IoT.

I'll just go to the car parts store and buy a car because it's all the same thing. Look I bought the steering wheel now I can drive.

>> No.1389349

Cool deal

>> No.1389350


>> No.1389352

Thanks man

>> No.1389353

I want one man

>> No.1389354

Super cool man. What colorss

>> No.1389355

How cool would this be

>> No.1389364


Nice try. It'll just get restarted when it bumps out.

>> No.1389579

Well the graphics calculator is standalone and has its output and input devices. The other things you listed are only useful as a part of a bigger computer since they lack independent outputs and inputs. A server without a monitor is a computer though since the extra "computer" you add onto it is significantly lesser in capability than the server itself.


>> No.1389598

À graphics calc is a computer. A solar calc is not.

>> No.1389624

Yes, because a solar calculator isn't user-programmable.

>> No.1389722
File: 91 KB, 1280x720, YLASMR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1389724

>output and input devices
buildin oled screen and PS/2 keyboard

>> No.1389737

On what, an hdd controller?

>> No.1389740

bouldin SD card

>> No.1390345 [DELETED] 


>> No.1391116 [DELETED] 


>> No.1391381 [DELETED] 


>> No.1392058

I got the same device. Wat do?

>> No.1392448

write programs

>> No.1393076 [DELETED] 


>> No.1393516

Can I write program for it using javascript?

>> No.1393821


>> No.1393907

Half the time ebay has better prices than ali. And the shipping is usually faster too.

>> No.1393909 [DELETED] 


Your a fucking retard.

>> No.1393914 [DELETED] 


You're a faggot and deserve to be raped to death with a cactus.


>> No.1393916


You're a faggot and deserve to be raped to death with a cactus. Many of those things you mentioned where faster than an 8080. I guess you could say it is a computer if you use it as one.


>> No.1393931



>> No.1394656 [DELETED] 


>> No.1394699


>> No.1395106

цeнa вceх кoмпoнeнтoв 200-300p
price is $3.3 - $5
we need CP/M firmware for this

>> No.1395171

5 bucks is a lot for a computer nowadays

>> No.1395178


You poor thing

>> No.1395199
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>> No.1395202


>> No.1395330

>SMD resistors on perfboard
fucking why

>> No.1395332

cose Russian People can!

>> No.1395374

It's been 2 months
What happened in this thread lifetime?

>> No.1395392

>ctrl+f "bump"
OP's a fucking maniac, see:

A bunch of bumps were deleted earlier, but hardly all of them.

>> No.1395393

No, I mean happening IRL

>> No.1395402

North Korea / America diplomacy? Another school shooting maybe? A bunch of orgasms?

>> No.1395427


I don't speak that language my nig

>> No.1395439

see the pictuЯes

>> No.1395946 [DELETED] 


>> No.1396486 [DELETED] 


>> No.1396498

the bump limit has never felt further away

>> No.1396813

If the mods nor jannies will remove it after reported ten thousand times then when it goes away the bumper/OP will just make another one, so I don't know what your point is.

>> No.1397008


>> No.1397038


>> No.1397066

god please don't

>> No.1397093


>> No.1397113


>> No.1397192

Take a fucking hint

>> No.1397200


>> No.1398223 [DELETED] 


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