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how do I turn this into a T-shirt, preferably a bro-tank without it looking shitty and pixelated after being blown up to fit the entire shirt.

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>without it looking shitty and pixelated


uh no

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Look for, and I'm sure you won't find it, a vector map of it

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The Trump shoop add-on is actually pretty dreadful - literally 10 minutes to redo (better..) base image on etsy, if you wanted best quality, buy one of his GW cards @ $4 and scan, add Text and realistic head (that ones too small, and hands obv. too big ;) - send to printer at 300dpi and correct size (or print yourself, on transfer, whatever) done. And you even /diy/ed it, a bit, or ask /gd/ (lol), even tho it sucks dick, you'll look like a walloper and antifa will probably knock you out on the street.

But >>1132544 's right, @ 6592 @ 72 dpi = real shit print, dont even.

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Reverse image search that image and find a higher resolution version

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OP you got the wrong trump face and eagle

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>Wearing a t-shirt promoting a traitor

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