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I have an old radiator and lately it's been making REALLY loud noises and I feel like it's giving off less heat. The sound is like water sputtering and sometimes it'll make a high pich screech.

The radiator is so loud it wakes me up when I'm sleeping. Its too cold to just turn it off. How can i fix it? Pic related

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bleed air bubbles

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Release the air with the valve on top shown in the picture.

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Flood your house and pour boiling 100 year old water on your face trying to bleed the system

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As the last three faggots said, your radiator has air inside which reduces the conductivity and also makes noise. Find or buy a radiator key and let the air out of the valve. As soon as water starts coming out turn the valve shut.

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Yeah you need to drain it and possibly replace some parts. For future reference, NEVER open the valve half way. There's no such thing as half way radiator. It's either on or off. Halfway causes the seal to break and water buildup

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what you need to do depends on if it's a steam radiator or a water radiator.

bleed the air out of a water radiator.

on a steam radiator you need to fit a new air vent, and make sure the radiator has a slight tilt so water can drain back out into the steam pipe.

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Steam or hot water? If water, then bleed the air from the top. If steam, then you need to check what the system you have is - two pipe, or one pipe. If two pipe, it is possible that the steam trap is faulty and does not let the condensate out, then you will need to replace it. If it is a one pipe system, possibly, the condensate does not drain (the radiator must be tilted towards the pipe!) or air could also be a problem (although that would not cause as much noise), in which case the air vent (mounted at about 2/3 radiator height) is faulty.

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