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i have this stupid ikea bed, everytime you move it it makes loud metal sounds, i can't have sex on it and this is really sad.
maybe if i'll stick it to the wall it will stop but the problem is that the bed is made of steel and i can't make hole into it.
can you help me /diy/ ?
pic related is my bed

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>made of steel
>can't drill a hole in it
Buy a drill?

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1) Flip mattress onto floor
2) Bang away
3) Put mattress back
4) Make bed

How hard is that?

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>can't have sex on it
Im impressed, you found someone willing to even consider it, desu.
>or maybe not

That is an inherently wobbly design, its made for space-saving kids or very ocassional spare use, not wild conjugal nookie romps. Im also assuming, you wouldnt have the tools/skills to make it solid(er) - welding, etc. - basically, its not worth the bother of even trying, Get it to fuck, be the best idea, ask your parents for a new one - and if space is that tight, even a wooden high bed be a stabiler idea, usually. Bolting it to a wall, youd need spacers, etc. if you have a skirting board, and, the chances are, its just gonna unattach itself at the first opportunity, leaving you where you were, plus holes in the wall.

tldr, masturbate less vigorously already.

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> You will immediately cease and not continue to access the site if you are under the age of 18.

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Lol. This.

I had a futon and threw that piece of shit out a dorm window on the 4th floor and slept on the fucking floor for 2 years.

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I'm gonna be honest I have the same problem and same bed, I just fuck on the ground

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>no diagonals

RIP in peace, OP.

I sleep on a piece of plywood with about 3 inches of foam over it (3/4" blue board foam and 2 eggshell foam sheets). It stopped my chronic backpain problems. Going 4 years this way and I'm not going back. It isn't springy, but you get lots of leverage when funking because of how solid it is.

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whats wrong with just putting a fat mattress on the floor? you could take some wide planks and build a simple frame around it, some varnish and it could look nice

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You didnt throw it out of the windows.

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