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Hey /DIY/ what do about bed bugs?

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Burn your house down..

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No seriously it's the best option, and leave everything inside those fuckers are cheeky

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capture some and put them inside or right outside of someone's house you don't like

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Food grade daimacious earth is one of the best ways to get rid of these guys without having to resort to flamethrowers

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I heard you can kill them if you put the infested items in a freezer.
This website suggests -17,8°C for about 3,5 days.
Do that with things you don't want to burn

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I tried this as an ant killer. They bored new holes through it. I love pelletized DE for soil additions, but as a bug killer, powdered DE is ridiculously overrated ime.

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You have to turn up the heat

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This is the only answer.

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This but you have to be prepared to POUR this stuff over every fucking inch of carpet. Pour it behind every baseboard, pour it on your picture frames, pull up every cushion and pour it all over it, buy a new mattress, DONT take it out of the plastic, pour DE all over plastic and encase in good bedbug proof cover. Vacuum up dust 3 times a week, repeat for 2-3 months, wash ALL fabrics (anything even in storage even your curtains) at least twice a week and dry on high heat.

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Also forgot take turkey baster and shoot it into any cracks and crevices in your walls and floor. Wear a dust mask at all times that shit is super fine and will fuck your lungs up.

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Get some DDT and treat all your home

DDT dilutes well in kerozene or turpentine, so if powdering it everywhere turns out to be a pain in the ass, consider diluting it and then werf it everywhere

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>wait for a flood
>collect ball of fire ants
>release into bed

No more bed bugs, not sure how you remove the fire ants though. You're probably better off just poisoning them. Buy a box of bug bombs, ignore the manufacturer instructions and use fucking all of them, leave house for several hours then come back and wash EVERYTHING. It's how I got rid of all the bugs in my camper, but you really have to use a lot of poison, when they say only use one can, they are wrong.

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Only 3rd world countries are allowed to have ddt.

Anyways op. Go through and carefully vacuum every square inch of the infested room and your couch. I mean all cracks crevices box sprig mattress. You name it.

Idk where you live but look online to order some phantom insecticide and some sterifab. Or you can use rubbing alcohol(91%) to kill them in contact.

Bag and tie all your clothes and wash them in hot water and high heat. Leave them in the bags and out of the room till you don't see any bugs for at least 30 days.

T. Pest control.

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Make sure you get at least one male and one female

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Get a bunch of oxygen and moisture absorbents and a huge roll of mylar.

Seal up your mattress and other shit you can't clean with the mylar and absorbents.

Clean the fuck out of everything using your highest dryer setting. If it won't go in the dryer then bake it in your oven at its lowest setting.

Steam clean all your carpet very slowly, borrow a ton of space heaters, and bake the fuck out of every room.

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Diatomaceous earth. Non toxic, cheap. Kills anything that has an exoskeleton. Won't kill eggs. Ditch all your stuff.

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apparently the most effective way of killing them is heat treatment, 140° will kill them pretty instantly, but you have to heat up your whole room gradually or else they will just leave to where its cooler (walls)

$1100 for the dude to do my apartment. fucking gay but killed them good and dead

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zyklon b

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>1100 heat treatment for an appartment.

That's a pretty good price

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yea it was like 1200 for one other company but we found this dude on yelp, one man operation. i like that kind of shit, feels good supporting local businesses that arent super big

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responded to myself...oh well

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DE works wonders on bedbugs, I had them bad in my apartment and it got rid of them completely.

It's the best method and i'd even say it works BETTER than an exterminator and only costs 10 bucks or so for a good sized container

DE is literal magic

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what did you do exactly?

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I put it in any crevice that they'd have to crawl through in order to reach me, and rubbed it into the fabric. I slept on a sofa which I would think would be harder to eradicate them from, as apposed to a mattress. But yeah, I lined the crevices with the shit and squeezed the bottle into all the innards of the sofa. Literally the day I applied it was the last time I seen any of them, but always look over the areas you applied it and where they might be, try to kill any you see with some kind of tool. The earlier you try to stop them the better. I let them go for far too long before I finally took charge. The stress of them still haunted my thoughts months later but now I lay down without any worries

It'd probably be a good idea to wear some kind of mask when applying it cause it's dusty and I dont think it's the type of shit you want to get in your lungs.

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make sure you get good renters insurance first, itemize everything, and then wait at least a month

but then yeah, burn the fucker to the ground

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Heat entire house to 50 deg C for 6 hours. I'm serious, this is how we got rid of ours. Our landlord paid $1,500 for it but you may be able to DIY. Good luck, I know what you're going through.

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1. burn down house.

2. Never feel clean again

Sorry op

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Are this fuckers really any threat? I mean, besides the itching and stuff.

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Yes, besides them vexing you and sucking your blood, they will multiply beyond all mathematics, and attach themselves to you and your clothes, using you as a vehicle to spread to all your friends and family's houses not just your own. You will become a walking plague of bedbugs if you don't stop them.

You really have to stop them.

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I'm currently sleeping in a bedbug free home. It took days of research and tried many different things and this is how I defeated them once and for all.
Now honestly, I have a unique situation but here it is...
I just graduated and planned on moving out of my parents, we have been battling these for months and I decided I needed to debedbug my room before I move my stuff out. I go to hardware store and bought 60,000 BTU salamander propane outdoor heater and a thermometer/clock thing that measures both indoor and outdoor temperature. I stick the heater in my window and put the wireless outside temperature gauge under a pillow to simulate the coolest spot in my room. I cranked the heat till it got up to 120 under the pillow and left it there for 20 minutes. It took 3 hours to reach 120 degrees f but it only needs 10 minutes at 120 to kill eggs and bugs. I held my breath and ran in my room to turn off the heater. (Propane will produce carbon monoxide if oxygen is limited, like in a room) opened the windows and moved stuff same day. My parents said that room is still spotless and they are using it to treat their belongings. Btw it got to 150 in the ambient air and melted plastic in my room and caused damage to my monitor. Beware but it can be done. Good luck.

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A) calling a professional.
B) heat treating your own house... No your furnace won't get it hot enough.
C) spending every waking night for 2 years following a ridiculous lifestyle.

Some things that don't work:
Powder (unless option c)
DDT (they grew immune ~1970)
Small heat guns (human error)... Don't kid yourself.
Buying new mattress
Anything other than heat really.

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How does one get bedbugs?

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A lot of people get them from staying in hotels. Bedbugs are a constant problem, even for nicer hotels because it only takes one guest with bedbugs to infect a room and there's no way a hotel can screen for them. My employer has me on the road all the time, often in hotels in podunk midwestern towns, and I'm terrified that I'm going to bring these nasty fuckers home with me one day. I always check the matresses for any bedbug sign immediately upon check-in and keep my luggage propped up off the floor on a table or those fold-out stool things hotels provide. So far, so good

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>see thread about bedbugs in your MtG deck on /tg
>see "what animal is this" thread on /an with the same OP pic
>get tired of my regular boards and decide to browse /diy
>see this

Is this a cry for help by someone who literally thinks 4chan is the only website on the internet?

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>add "bedbugs" and "bed bugs" to your filter
>carry on with life

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I'm not actually upset, it's just surreal that I'm seeing this thread everywhere

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Bedbugs are currently an epidemic in the united states.

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We had the bastards in a backpackers, cleared the whole room, and heat treated it, all the mattress's got wrapped in black plastic an sat outside in the sun for a week everything else got put in the dryer for repeated heat treatment, did the job nicely.

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Had a flea problem for a bit and did something like this to rid myself of them.

2 bombs per room, 3 if it's a large room
Set off
Go watch a movie or hangout with a friend
Comeback and enjoy a peaceful home again

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It doesn't take a lot of heat to kill them. Just clear out sensitive materials (chemicals like household cleaners) and get a space heater. It'll clear at least one room at a time. But you're fucked if you fell for the open floor plan meme.

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This will only drive them into the walls, floors ect. even other rooms where it will be harder to get them out.
Being an ex HAZMAT guy I was confident in my ability to contain and decontaminate the area. Anyone can, just take your time and use your head. Bag everything before you take it out of the room to wash or trash, including your clothes.
Diamasious earth everyfuckingwhere. In the cracks and crevices. Seal the room and sleep elsewhere. Check after a couple of months using bedbug traps available online or at HomeDepot. You can even make your own traps if youre a true DIYer.
When the coast is clear vacuum and wipe down everything with alcohol or bedbug egg cleaner.
Good luck.

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Back in the day women travelling would keep satchels of scented flowers in their luggage to keep the bugs out.
Bedbugs supposedly don't like the smell of lavender. Not enough to drive them out of a room but enough to keep them out of luggage.
I bought essence of lavender oil from a witchy woo crystal shop for this.

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>Hey /DIY/ what do about bed bugs?

Acquire fire insurance.
Through no fault or action of your own your domicile burns down.
Move elsewhere, ensure new domicile has no bedbugs.

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fpbp took me 16 months and throwing out everything I own then only sleeping on a military metal cot with a sleeping bag i washed daily to get rid of them.

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Even after all that I still itch and have scars from where the fuckers ate me alive in my sleep.

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diatomaceous earth

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they eat away your body and mind
plastic wrap everything they can't pass through the plastic wrap

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heat treat your place

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Why would genociding your house with heat help at all?

Wont they just hide inside walls, appliances, and electronics?

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nipped my infestation in the bud with good old diatomaceous earth. My boyfriend still has them so I have quarantine procedures in place.

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True. I got these assholes after going returning from the airport. The exterminator brought in five industrial heaters with a large generator to heat my place four about five hours.

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Bug bombs the more the better. Don't forget the candles and the frayed wires.

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I recommend professional pest control. Bed bugs are a bitch..

However this is DIY.

1. Buy and mix some permethrin poison. There's another variant with 2 types of poison in it, but I can't recall the name.

2. Strip bedding and wash with hot water. Dry on highest heat setting.

3. Spray bedding completely. I'm talking under the mattress and box springs. Especially the nooks and crannies where it is sewn together. Saturate any blackened spots (bed bug fecal matter).
4. Spray any nearby rugs, baseboards, etc.

(btw don't want your pets to get in this shit when its wet.)

5. Clean your house. Don't put dirty clothes on the ground.

6. It's a bitch and the poison doesn't smell very nice, but rinse and repeat every other day for 2 weeks.

I just recently had an infestation, but I acted quickly and used this method. Killed them all.

You may want to repeat one treatment in about a month to ensure you kill any newborns.

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