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How can this be 3d printed? It's too high quality!!

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need a very expensive 3d printer fo that shitt

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Depending on its scale it could be SLA, which cures liquid resin using a laser. Very high quality finishes - high enough to print most of this statue outright - but very limited size.

If it's bigger it could be SLS. Powder lasered together. It can retain high, but grainy, detail. Finishing by hand, on the part of an artist, could produce quality of this caliber.

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sculpting clay and mold casting

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It's about patience, finishing and setup. It could be done with a $300 printer if you have the right skills.

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How do I learn to do either of these?

Where's the definitive introduction material for me to hole up and study for a month?

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here's some exemples/tutorials how to



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thank you for indulging me

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I think the pants are fabric, with the legs being separate from the body before assembly.

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The Formlabs Form 2 is generally considered the best, for its overall package, SLA printer on the market. It's pricey but the quality is good and the resins are good. SLS isn't really consumer friendly at any level.

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I have a Formlabs Form 2, and i agree it's pretty dope.

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You model it in your software.
Cut it into smaller parts and print each at a time
File, fill, sand, putty to get a better finish
Paint with primer
Glue together
Paint with more paint
Profit !

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Where can I get one of these Damien Sandow figures?

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