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Hello there DIY,

Have a question about a joist that may or may not be essential. Will post more pics to give you a better idea of the situation:

Basically I want to put a vinyl floor covering over this attic space floor. However, there is a single joist that seems to be doing nothing connected to the floor. It is the only one in the space, aside from another against the far wall. My question is, what purpose could this serve, and is it safe to remove it? More pics incoming

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the red circled space is what I'm referring to. second floor, triangular attic space next to room

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from another angle

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and another

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this is where it's connected to/near the rafter

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for reference, this is the other side of the house. the floor here is not planked, but may give you a better idea of the purpose of the joist

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How is the top plate connected to the cement blocks?

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>what purpose could this serve
I have no idea what practically it would do

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Looks like a rafter tie. Like a collar tie, it keeps the roof and walls from bowing out. You should definitely not remove it.

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They're tying the rafters to the attic floor joists, so the walls don't spread.

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>cinder block walls
>2" bracing keeping the house from blowing apart
>water damaged insulation

i'd leave em for what it's worth. You could shorten em up just be sure to hit the next joist in, but they're not without purpose.

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Vinyl floor in a knee wall?

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Enjoy falling into the room below the first time you step on it. Please post video.

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