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Want a side /biz that is an entertaining hobby also.

Considering custom epoxy resin furniture.

Have basic woodworking experience.

Have played with small amounts of epoxy.

Have bro working at chemical company so i can ship 55 gallon drums to my door.

Know a guy with a saw mill that sells cheap kiln dried lumber.

Using 10 friends, torches, and the flame method a case of beer or two should be the only cost to get bubbles out.

If need be i have the materials to build a vacumn chamber large enough to park a car in. Just need an expensive pump.

Any money to be made in this?

>also any ideas or pics of epoxy resin wood shit.

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This one uses glow in the dark powder.

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Considering making some for the local bar in exchange for letting me put a stack of business cards in there or pinning one up.

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Shit's beautiful.

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Probably not considering most people just settle for IKEA tier garbage. You'd most likely have to spend years growing your business since it'd serve a select clientele that may not exist.
I don't think epoxy infused wood countertops have ever been popular. I'd make like 10 dining tables as such >>1132138 and see what markup you can get selling to retarded hispters on etsy or CL and go from there.

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Good call. Thanks anon. Futunatly I know like 20 millionaires. They come here from up north and hunt and hang out. They think all that bullshit redkneck stuff on tv is all acting and are amazed at our redkneck bullshit while we make fun of them for being yankee faggots. I'll be sure a few see a face book post of me selling them.

>vapes for fags
>gun grips
>knife handles
>auto trim
>boat trim
>blanks for others

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That will likely never pay for itself.

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Hed have to at least charge for parts and exclude labor cost for the tradeoff

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I hate to break it to you. As someone who sells their furniture... Things that people buy are typically. Shelves... Book cases... And boxes or crates... Literally if you want to make any real sustainable money you will be making a fuckton in a half of these things.. And it gets boring.. Every now and again you will receive special request. Like dining chairs. Or a table.. I myself specialize in couches and outdoor bench seating if I'm not banging out slabs of shelving stock. If you want.. It might sell. Run the edge of a shelf through a tablesaw. Put some led strips in there. And pour dyed epoxy in there. And make a shelf with glowing edges.. Might be pretty cool. Thought about doing that once with the arms face on a couch instead of inlay.

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Not bad.

Sad for me but oh well.

You ever see people use el wire for piping? U could make club or hipster furniture that glows.

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Leave the EL wire to the burning men faggots ...

Just use fiber optic, the LED light source can be repaired and will be orders of magnitude more energy efficient.

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Lol, burning man. More sweaty gay sex in a few days then a years worth of porn productions.

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Agreed. And if I want THAT table, your card being on it is gonna help.

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tried it, made some cool stuff for myself and went back to my day job/coursework. Even tried to jazz it up with lichtenberg figures. Even made some furniture for around the house but I got bored/when i tried to market it it was more work than it was worth.

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;( cool shit tho. Maybe i will just build my own shit and be done. About to build a huge desk. Lost some friends recently and figured i would go to walmart or online and print off about 1,000 of my favorite pics and epoxy over them. Not sure how often i want to look at my dead friends but it does cheer me up on occasion to look through them and remember the good times.

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