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Shitty Quad

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I am currently working on a dynam t-28, but its not really diy, i am more of a rc plane than quadcopter guy, but if anyone has any questions i can try to answer them

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The trend has passed anon.

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Winter time. Too cold to do rc things

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With micro fpv indoor race drones?

We all need to step up our games.

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building a foamboard plane right now. Waiting on parts for an S500 quad. Maybe getting a C1 Chaser kit (flying wing) if they come back in stock soon.

or this >>1114748

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Rubbish, I went & flew in the snow yesterday :p

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In florida it's never to cold to fly. Flew 3 packs through my Voodoo 250 earlier, I think i've finally got this thing flying in a not-on-fire state.

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Shitty? Debatable, they do fly. Overpriced, weak, and outdated? Definitely.
How are you liking Dynam? I've heard mixed opinions about the brand, some say they fly good but some say that they are trash.
well let's fix that
TinyWhoopLife my man.
>foamboard plane
gotta be more specific, man. Flitetest design? or something else?
Tricopter, man it's been yeas since I've seen one of those. I had a wooden one 5 years ago running a kk1 with RCTimer motors, flew like crap but was considered good at the time.

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to be honest, that whole fiasco wasn't as bad as we feared it would be. I've not heard of any realistic enforcement of it, and it's not too difficult to comply with it anyways.

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