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Hey /diy/, I would be eternally grateful if you were to help me out with something. My girlfriend's birthday is coming up and I want to build her something really cool as it will be her last before she goes off to a different state for college. I would say that she likes normal girl things. I am 18 and on about a 200$ budget if any of that helps. All reasonable ideas welcome.
Thanks to all that help.

Also i would prefer not to build her a cake (pic related)

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if youre not going to college with her, just build her a cake.

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build her a cake or something

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cakes aren't that cool though

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>teen girlfriend going to college in another state
Yeah I've been down that road before. Give her an std so it won't hurt as much when she leaves you for one of the 9001 men and women who will be fapping to her daily.

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Why bother? She doesn't sound like anything special when you say, "she likes normal girl things".

Just dump her and move on.

Use the $200 to build something cool for yourself.

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do you have any awesome skill though?

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>Use the $200 to build something cool for yourself.

Exactly! Trust me, spending that much on a woman will only make you that much more bitter when you realize what a lying whore she is.

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>>>/r9k/ is that way

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OP here
well if i make it too specific there will b less ideas if there are any anyway
i dont really care about the money thing to be honest

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if you make it more specific it will seem like you actually fucking bothered to think about her as something besides "RANDOMGIRL" and be a better gift, kid

srsly, we're not able to help without specific shit she likes

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>be 17
>girlfriend is going to Christian college
>buy her a sweet diamond cross necklace
>go visit her
>she's trying to hang out with me and her college boyfriend
>college bf is certified retarded, making jokes about condoms

So much for saving yourself for marriage, that was the biggest troll my parents ever pulled.

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shit sucks bro

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She's off to college in another state, she's gonna cheat on you. Give her a cake and be done with it. It's gonna be a lot less painful this way.
Spend the $200 on yourself.

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Buy her 200 worth of stocks, and tell her its a deposit for your life later. Then give her $10 chocolates and some roses, and let her go.

to college.
to get banged by other dudes.

After you get over the tragic loss of your high school senior year, check out the stocks you diy'd and the sweet hopefully more than what you put in there dollahs.

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we arent gunna stay together its not the fucking point i just wanna make her something cool instead of just buying her something goddamn

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OP here i also like how every1 is just telling me that she will be banging other dudes and shit like i dont already know
already known and accepted the fact

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Make her a chastity belt.
You could make your own chastity belt by getting some leather working tools, and essentially making a pair of leather panties that lock on either side of the hip.

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Just make her a stuffed animal or something.
Bug it with a camera set to come on about two weeks after she gets to school, and she will return the favor with sextapes.

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Tears are the best lube.

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trolls...trolls everywhere

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It's not trolling when you're telling the truth dumbass.

Also is this tread /diy/?

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>I want to build her something really cool
is this thread diy?
and u say im the dumbass

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Wood is cheap, history is cool, girls use combs.

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Make her a goddamned jewelry box, faggot.

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