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so ive always wanted to have my bedroom looking nice but ive never really known what i want to do and i dont know what would look good and what wouldnt.
anyone here got any decorating tips or inspo?
also is it possible to paint a smooth gradient on a wall without manually blending paint?
like can i use vinyl or something?

pic unrelated

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Quite interesting I must admit

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Make small changes. Once you have de-cluttered your room and have just the things you are going to keep, here are some things that can be changed easily and on a budget (even over time if necessary) to give yourself a new look.

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It seems to me that the theme of Arabic architecture, fittings, etc. can be very cozy when it comes to home interior design. I even decided to make a redesign for the evil of everyone. I'm already running to order new carpets on https://www.dorisleslieblau.com/. lol. Seriously, I think that this style definitely has something cozy and attractive.

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So I couldn't get it to crank over by giving it power the "proper" way but if I connect a battery directly to the starter wire it cranks. There is no spark, how should I proceed?

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where is the spark plug cap?

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How about the other questions I asked you? That plug has corona discoloration or goobers discoloring it, so it's possibly bad. Literally the first thing you should do when you don't have spark is replace the plug. Your starter might be a completely separate problem, but you aren't going to get anywhere if you don't have a good spark plug. Did you even clean anything yet?

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I don't know what you mean by cap? Anyway my friend got it to fire up the solenoid wasn't wired right. Problem now is as soon as you let go of the "START" button it shuts off. Giving a code 14 which means "Engine running too fast"?

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wtf is with the spark plug op

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Thats the wire that goes directly to the starter, I don't have the jumper cable connected so it isnt running. The spark plug is out cus I was checking for spark.

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Anyone have any links to build one of these? Only drawback I can see is pinched fingers.......

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I think this is the the part how it shoulbe worked in that case at corner.

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So long story short I got this RV generator weighs 176lbs in the truck of my Honda Civic.

How do I get it back out by myself? I won't have help till this weekend but I wanna fuck around with it!!

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Hoist tip, replace casters with much larger wheels. I put rear spindles from front wheel drive cars on the rear of mine 30 years ago and can pull big blocks in a sand yard. I replaced the forward casters with solid round bar and small solid mower front wheels. I use a comealong, my winch, or a strap and another vehicle to tow them short distances in my yard.

Download the free military rigging manual and you can learn many useful ways to lift and move anything.

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This may help, if not an exact match check Cummins tech support.


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Atta boy... Just yoke it up!

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Try to lever it out but be careful not to rip your bumper off.

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I'm making a table/countertop for my kitchen. Sketching it out now, it's fairly simple but I'd like some input on materials.
So far the top board will be a 25" x 48" x 1.5" butcher block. The bottom board is a 24" x 48" x 0.75" sheet of hardwood plywood. The legs and cross bars will probably be galvanized pipes. I'm planning on putting casters on the bottom, but didn't bother adding those to the sketch.

I'm shooting for the final height to be between 34"-37" so I think right now once the casters are on it should be right around perfect. To achieve this height, I'm planning on using a combination of 10" and 21" pipes, since 36" would be too tall and 24" would be too short. These will be coupled together with a tee coupling, allowing me to add in some side cross bars. These side bars will add support and give the table more versatility--I plan on hanging hooks and things from them.

The legs are the only thing I'm iffy on, I've never used pipes like this to construct something. Are 3/4" galvanized pipes sturdy enough for this application? The butcher block is 42 pounds and I'd like the table to be able to hold a good amount of weight. And how much of a pain in the ass is it to get all the pipes aligned when there are so many threaded connections? The left and right legs will be big H's of pipe, seems like it could be tricky getting everything straight and proper.

Open to any other suggestions as well.

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>if the couplings don't allow for the ends of the pipe to touch.

1. they won't touch. if they did it would probably leak.
2. if you want a pipe 24" long, just get one and skip the couplings and tees.

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I should have picked different lengths as an example. The 24" was just that--an example for the purpose of asking a question. I'm not planning on chaining pipes together to reach a length I can buy in store. I am possibly planning on chaining pipes to reach lengths I can't buy in store. I may put a cross beam along the rear of the table for additional support, the length of pipe needed would be 41". This would require chaining a few lengths together as 41" pipes are not sold in stores and I don't have the tools to cut and thread pipe.

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How are you attaching the pipes to the wood?

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Threaded floor flanges like this was the plan

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Good day. I think you can make such table for kitchen without problems. If you don't have a lot of experience in woodworking, I can recommend to search special videos on Youtube, there are many relevant channels. Also I recommend to use some of these finishes for wood kitchen table from https://www.wood-turned.com/best-finishes-for-wood-kitchen-table/ it will protect and extend the life of your wood countertop!

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Does anybody have any experience with lazer engraving machines for wood or reccomendations for decent machines?

I want to make small things like coasters, etc. Nothing crazy

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>the larger wattage modules use an array and collimate that light.
Have you taken one apart to verify this?

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Indeed for a laser diode stack several 10s or even 100s watts of power is not a problem, however a) all of them are in the near IR region, not violet/blue, b) they got quite different shape and size compared to the regular laser diode modules and c) the price is also way out there, even for cheap-ish chink stuff

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This is mine (pic related):

With this laser:

I haven't taken mine apart no, but I think stryopyro on YouTube dropped that nugget somewhere.

Highest draw from power supply was [email protected] (23w). Recent post on EEVblog website suggests 20% efficiency so assuming 100% efficient controller then I'm getting ~5w of actual collimated light output from my '15w' laser

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Diode lasers aren't strong enough, you need at least 40W co2 laser to do anything useful.

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I guess if it is necessary to make an engraving, it is much cheaper and faster to find. a reliable company that will be able to do that for you. There is no need to make life more difficult. By the way, once I have cooperated with a great laser engraving company https://www.bc-instruments.com/capabilities/laser-engraving/ . You can check it if you want.

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Anyone out there know of a decent straight forward tutorial to do SEO for a website. I'm trying to get it ranking high on Google in order to generate more leads for my business.

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Whitehat: content content content
Blackhat: buy backlinks

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It's not hard really, you just need well written content, update regularly and implement JSON-LD. Likewise make sure any images or media have keyword related filenames and alt-text. You get extra good boy points if your site works well with mobile... Google has all the tools to help you with SEO like Google and analytics

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I want a way of mass producing flush bricks of wood
What jig/tool would do this?
Preferably portable
I want to just build like in minecraft
>>T. Non boomer brainlet with limitless wood

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Nice try schlomo you ain’t getting any more of my cock

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A miter saw with a jig could do this job for you efficiently.
I cannot believe that google couldn't help you answer this question.

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you need a CNC machine, here are some suggestions: https://carpenterly.com/best-cheap-cnc-machines/

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Tired of woodshop debris? It's the pesky side of woodworking, the fly at the picnic. And that's where an air-filtration system comes to the rescue. This machine, typically suspended from the ceiling, draws dust-laden air into the front of the unit and through one or two filters, exhausting (hopefully) clean air out the back. An article by tom curren [https://toolsvoice.com/best-woodshop-air-filtration-system/] will help you to know better. On health issue there is no compromise. sometimes, woodshop debris causes cancer. So be careful

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Microsoft is the set of all Office apps with some additional features. Go to microsoft com setup to get all the MS office 365 apps on your devices like Windows, Mac, and smartphones.


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So I want to give my friend a DIY gift that isn't all about """the intention""" and that is actually useful for something even if you are better off purchasing it instead, seriously like every time I google DIY gifts I get 50 different types of candy/chocolate boxes and overall disposable stuff.

I was thinking about doing something related to woodworking like a book organizer or a phone stand or something like that but I am pretty sure there a better things out there that I am missing?

It's for a tomboyish female friend btw

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You naked on the bed you made for her, it can't fail.

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Make her a belt sheath for her EDC folder.

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Have you thought about the hand made dildo idea?

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That's really a great idea. Some years ago, I was making handmade presents and decor for sale. Indeed, when something remained after festivals and yard sales I gifted it to my friends. They always were happy to get such gifts and appreciated them a lot. Once I had to make a present for my artist friend and it became a real problem what to choose. So, I found on the internet a company that makes custom Bobbleheads from your photos https://myfacebobbleheads.com/ . I found it a good idea. It is really cool to get such a handcraft thing that is your small copy. He remained very impressed by this.

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Enter your 25 digits product key Follow the on-screen instructions to get your https://klmsoffice.com/setup-and-follow-the-on-screen-instructions/

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Good morning, /diy/! I was at my parents' house last night and my Father told me about how his doctor's office screwed him out of his Percocet pain management meds. He NEVER takes more than the prescribed dose, and he routinely has his blood tested to make sure he is not abusing.

3 days ago he called the doctor to advise that he only has 4 of his pills left, and the receptionist on the other end saw he was on schedule and said she would call when his script is ready. He called them back yesterday and the same receptionist said that the doctor he's been seeing is no longer writing scripts for pain management and that he'd have to see a new doctor on Thursday. He told them he's down to only 2 pills but all they could offer was to tell him to break them in half and make them last for the next 5 days.

That is out of the question. The pain in his wrists, back, and ribs is too much for a half-pill to calm and further 4 half-pills over 5 days just doesn't add up.

tl;dr - what are some OTC medicines or combination of medicines that can help ease his pain until his appointment on Thursday?

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I wana be a plumber. How do I get an apprenticeship? I don't know anything about plumbing. I think I could be a good plumber however.

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I 2nd this. It's a great way to learn the parts/tools and how they are used. Plus you might run into a plumber looking for help.

>t. worked at a plumbing supply house for a few years

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Sounds shitty

>> No.1790390,2 [INTERNAL] 

I do agree maybe this is just not your kind of job.

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My father also works as a plumber at the moment and it's quite a lucrative job. Besides, it's quite an interesting job and will always be relevant, it seems to me. At least because not everyone knows how to understand their bathroom and so on (you know what I mean, don't you?) I thought about becoming a plumber too, especially after I found https://www.howtobecomeaplumber.org/plumber-apprentice/ and I think that finally convinced me that I want to choose this particular profession. It means to help people and at the same time to earn good money. Why not?

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Hey guys, just looking to start a conversation with yall! Which one do you have and which model or brand do you think really packs a punch compared to the rest and why do you think so? Let's get the conversation going!

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I have a 18 year old Bolens 46" cut tractor with a twin cylinder engine that I got from an estate sale for $50
needed a new battery and inner tubes for the 2 from wheels

it's alright

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My dad has a JD F725 with front, 3-blade deck and it's much nicer at manuevering efficiently than a typical front-engine, front-steer mower with middle deck.

He also has a Dixon Grizzly 60" which I haven't rode much, but is much faster and makes a smaller footprint. Better for manuevering and speedy mows, and drives by lever handles instead of steering wheel and pedals.

Any riding mower with front deck, rear engine, rear-steer is superior than those not. At least for mid-sized jobs. Heavy acrage, deep grass, obviously a large ass tractor with towed deck, any small jobs, or jobs with tight spots, like for a suburban house-sized lawn, it's nice to have a push mower too.

>> No.1830164

I like zero turn mowers for sure, rn I have a 60 inch gravely that's been strong for Idk like 5 years it's commercial, I also like Kubota and John deere but they're a bit expensive and definitely Dixie chopper

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I use a lawn tractor to mow about an acre with. Main reason I got the lawn tractor was because I pull around trailers, aerator, thatcher, roller with it.

>> No.1832005,1 [INTERNAL] 

I had a lawn mower several years ago that I forgot the model of, I think I got it second hand from an acquaintance, but It worked like a charm and cut the grass smoothly, until it broke and the engine fizzled out. Started looking for other brand new models so hopefully it would last me longer, but the selection was goddamn huge, it was very hard to decide what to buy. I searched online for tips and found this article https://homendgarden.com/best-cordless-string-trimmer/ that described really well what kind of tool you need and in what situation.

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best video editing software for my 2015 windows craptop?
Something light on features is fine. i'm just using it for memes. so it should be able to speed up footage overlay music and animations and all that good stuff.

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literally anything that support proxy videos during edit, like kdenlive or davinci resolve (kdenlive is awesome beeteedabiu)

>> No.1888470,1 [INTERNAL] 

I get blurry photos all the time, even after editing, why is that? Is there any way to remove the blurring?

>> No.1888470,2 [INTERNAL] 

Well, there may be several factors, maybe the quality of the camera is or the frame was in motion. There may be many different factors, but there is special software which helps to minimize blurring. For example I often use https://www.movavi.com/support/how-to/how-to-fix-blurry-pictures.html to process photos before uploading them to Instagram. I try to remove blur as much as possible, so I get pretty good photos even with a bad camera.

>> No.1888470,3 [INTERNAL] 

Dragon Naturally Speaking to turn speech into text quickly. Download the latest version and work in Voice mode and be Hands-Free. Dictate Documents and complete the transcription faster.

>> No.1888470,4 [INTERNAL] 

Canon is one of the most famous printer manufacturing company that provides excellent quality of printers to the customers.


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check it out <3

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1. Get a tube of Bengay cream
2. Get a frozen horse cock (donkey cock is acceptable)
3. ...
4. Don't profit, just go fuck yourself.

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What is the worst /diy/ project you've seen?

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wait you need to buy permits to build small stuff on your land?

>> No.1967558

that guy has got to be autistic

>> No.1967651

Depends on where you live and what you are building. Local building code is different for everyone. I had to pay 25$ to my smallish city to get a permit to build my picket fence. They just came by and made sure the posts were below the frost line, simple as that. I could build a shed that size with no permit.

You live somewhere like right outside of LA, building codes are much much stricter.
You live out in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of land, who is going to know or care?

>> No.1967651,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.1967651,2 [INTERNAL] 


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bump limit reached on old thread >>1256544

https://www.wiki.printf.pl/index.php?title=Pasta (fresh)

>I'm new to electronics, where to get started?
There are several good books and YouTube channels that are commonly recommended for beginners and those wanting to learn more, many with advanced techniques. The best way to get involved in electronics is just to make stuff. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty.

>What books are there?
Getting Started in Electronics Forrest Mims III
Make: Electronics Charles Platt
How to Diagnose Fix Everything Electronic Michael Jay Greier

All New Electronics Self-Teaching Guide: Kybett, Boysen
Practical Electronics for Inventors: Paul Scherz and Simon Monk

The Art of Electronics by Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill

>What YouTube channels are there?

>What websites feature electronics projects or ideas?

>Where do I get components and lab equipment from?
Search the web for "hobbyist electronics sources" to find plenty.
In the US and elsewhere, mouser.com, digikey.com, arrow.com, newark.com are full-line distributors that entertain small orders.

>What circuit sim software do you use?
This mostly comes down to personal preference. These are the most common ones though:
NI Multisim
iCircuit for Macs
CircuitJS (quick, dirty, interactive)

>What software should I use to layout boards?
Circuit Wizard

>Q1. Lithium batteries
Will explode if you abuse them. Read and understand all relevant datasheets and be prepared for catastrophe. See
>Q2. My circuit doesn't work. Halp?
Check wiring, soldering, part pinouts, and board artwork if applicable, then post schematic.

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Search the web for "hobbyist electronics sources" to find plenty.
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I have first generation Trex decking that is flaking and needs to get replaced. I have a decent sized deck in the back and a wraparound deck in the front and a staircase. Haven't measured it exactly, but probably 400-500 square feet total. The structure is in good shape so I just need to pull the old boards and replace them. How hard is Trex to work with? The old boards are just screwed in, no hidden clips or anything. I've done interior trim work, so I know my way around a miter saw.

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I'm thinking glue down or pin the deck boards together through a fascia board. You could also tapcon and cover the screw heads with a small piece of trim. Even if you only biscuit joined the deck boards, it'd be fine to float on the cement. A lot of interior floors float.

>> No.1876214

IPE needs to be refinished all the damn time?

>> No.1876221

No, it just needs a coat of oil or the like on occasion if you want it to stay red colored, otherwisse it will turn grey from UV exposure, but it remains solid and will do so for decades to come, purely aesthetic preference. A good marine varnish with UV protection will probably keep ipe red for 4 or 5 years in all but desert areas, if it is shaded it might go a decade. This is the nature of wood, UV exposure bleaches it so you need to give it some protection. Personally I enjoy yearly maintenance and spending a nice spring day scrubbing the deck and giving it a coat of linseed is a very satisfying task for me. I really miss having a deck.

Composites require no real maintenance, and there is not a great deal you can do for most of them, they are just on a slow decline from day one. Even after a couple decades of neglect you can give an ipe deck a light sanding, a coat of oil and have it looking like new by sunset, cant say the same for the composites, once they start going there are few options.

>> No.1876411

>T-Rex decking
I can't imagine them doing good work with their tiny arms. Can't be worse than Mexicans though.

>> No.1876411,1 [INTERNAL] 

Well, I built a decking recently, so I have what to recommend you. My wife convinced me that we must construct a decking outside. She said that she wants to rest outside in the summer. I agreed with her, but I had no clue how to build decking. One day, I was on the job, and she called me. She seemed so enthusiastic, and I was a little confused. She says, dear, I just sent you a link, please check it. I had no clue what she is talking about and checked the messenger. She really sent me this link https://deltadecking.co.uk, and after accessing it I understood why she was so excited. In fact, she founded an online store with composite decking boards, and with a guide on how to use them. This is how I built my decking.

File: 3.07 MB, 4160x3120, IMG_20210126_205150569.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
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>could have brought cheap spray paint and paint my sneakers black

>NOOO you can't do that. Its leather. You need to buy expensive high quality leather paint

Thanks these look great..

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>> No.2014552

Fucker will be looking like Goofy

>> No.2014554
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>steal shoe
>now you have shoe and 0 stars
big brain time OP

>> No.2014801

Martin Margiela would like a word with you

>> No.2015333

Do Australians really?

>> No.2015592
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Should have bought fabric paint (like pic), they sell it at any auto part store.

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What is the simplest and easiest way to download music song by song?

I don't want entire albums, I just want to build my library song by song. How do you go about doing this?

I'm not a audiophile so quality isn't too important as long as it's not absolute dog shit tier.

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>> No.403053

>> No.403066

>> No.403088

Hey OP, this is a thing


>> No.403388

You can buy them 1-by-1 on iTunes.

If you're a teenager or just too poor to find $0.99, use a radio app like Slacker Radio.

>> No.403388,1 [INTERNAL] 

I really understand you, dude. I was looking for the easiest was for a long time. Nowadays, it is popular to buy a subscription on iTunes or Spotify, honestly, I have no opportunity and wish to do it. I like to create my own playlists, to mix podcasts and rare songs. I am so happy that exists such websites like https://youtubemp3.la, it is a simple YouTube to mp3 converter. It is needed just to insert a link to the video. Of course, there is an option to install the app. Think that it is the most suitable way for such people as we are.

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Let's have a general guide thread

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Because sometimes, using a fishing pole just isn't manly enough.

>> No.2531

first trips in Diy History right here folks

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>> No.3339,1 [INTERNAL] 

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