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Ok, anyone have experience with NiMH charging setups? A trickle-charge circuit probably won't work since I'll be using the bike for anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes a time, so I might be looking at negative voltage gradient sensing if my current level is high enough. If the current is low enough (or I want to sacrifice some charge for peace of mind), I may be able to approximate the voltage I'm aiming for and do a hard-cutoff with a schmitt-trigger comparator. Anything more complicated than that will lead to me using the MCU for that also, which isn't necessarily bad, but I'll be using an ATTiny85, and the less program space I have to waste the better. A lookup table of a bunch of current-voltage values might be out of the question, but if not an approximate mathematical relationship would do the trick. I might be doing a fair bit of battery testing in that case.

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