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Pic related is the pyrolysis reactor/ soon to be gasifier that I'm working on. I'm doing wood and oil shale (different from shale oil) copyrolysis and gasification in my uni lab. I didn't build the reactor myself but a simple reactor can be constructed with about 500€ and maybe a week if you haven't done it before but have decent DIY skills and someone to help with simple tasks. For pyrolysis you would need an inert (i.e.nitrogen) environment that could reach somewhere around 800C. You'd have to lead the oil gases through a condenser and collect them. And the fuel would probably wreck the motor. Gasification would be a better way because you can just put the gasifier on your car and fit a new motor. But you have to clean the gasifier very often. There are tons of materials about cars running on wood on the internet. The Germans really developed these technologies in the 30s to the oil embargo.

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