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>What i wanna do
Create a shiny/holographic collection cards for my cousin. Think of turning the upper left pic into the bottom right one, with a background like we know it from old trading cards. See the YuGiOh and Magic card as reference.

>What's the problem
There seems to be a lot of different solutions to do this, but not really an automatable method, or at least none that glows a bulb on how they likely produced these cards in the printers. Most people seem to use an acetone method like in this video for example.
This seems to be a pretty straightforward method to create an effect like top right corner with a simple rainbow foil material. However for my own curiosity I'm rather interested in recreating an "textured" effect like the super rare YuGiOh cards had, see top middle.
Would be my best bet to just get some YuGiOh/Pokemon/Magic foils from aliexpress or are there ways to do this at home too?

>Indepth problems
What would be the best paper for this? I'm thinking of at least A/B grade white on something at least 130g/m2.
How to recreate the shiny lettering? Now this isn't part of the project, just a some general thoughts about it. I thought about stamping through some foil, but seems a bit wasteful. Given how tight the printing industry is from my experience, i find it hard to believe that they ramped 70% of foil sheets just for lettering..

I have around two months time for that, so the only real challenge here would be, if necessary, to order stuff from aliexpress in time. Cheers!

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