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EEG/Eletronics general thread
Has anyone here done any project involving EEG? Since it is a somewhat uncommom type of project anything is welcome ( Articles, Information, Sci.Papers you find interesting or important when making such project )

•Eletronics focus: Information on analog filters is welcome ( tips on how to make a good filter and improve performance ***Points on info about performance of diferent types of capacitor on low freq filters (specially but not limited to 0.1~100Hz) and butterworth filters ( bandpass highpass and lowpass )***

>I need help with butterworth filters In the 0.1~100Hz (If you have send in filters designs). Im somewhat inexperient with eletronics and I am failing to *test performance of diferent types of capacitor ( and parasitic effecs )* on butterworth active filters using LTspice

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