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yow! hi, need help with domestical electricicty. (yeah im pretty sure its not called that way but come on!)

heres the thing,i had this outlet (pic related) on the head of my bed, a year ago or something i heard this weird buzzing coming out from it, then i realized one of the connectors was melting, so i stopped using it. but continued to use the other one all this time. till a coupe days ago when i plugged an electric stove and one of the legs of its plug got stuck inside.. ilater discovered it had melt in the inside.

so of course the outlet went to the trash. i have a new one and its ready to be installed (yes i know how to do that, i didnt install this one myself). the question is.. what could have caused the melting of this unit? maybe one of the wires was a bit loose? i dont have a clue and dont want to just install a new outlet if m not sure the problem is solved.

so basically: why can an outlet melt and have heating problems? is it cause of the plastic outlet itself or can it be something with the electric connection point (the cables in the wall).

thanks guys, and yes,my english sucks, sorry about that but its not my klanguage-.. so i guess im missing a lot of proper thermanology hope its still understandable. and thanks again.

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