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My 3tb WD Elements from 2021 with model family number WD30NDZW was dropped while disconnected from about three feet onto laminate. Stupidly, I inserted it right after to see if it was fatal, it made rapid clicking and some buzzing, with the LED on, files could not be read and Windows suggested a format which I declined.

Upon opening, there was no indication of a head crash, the platter was unscathed and clean so I closed it up and inserted it again and Windows detects the model when plugged in but doesn't mount anything or assign a drive letter because it can't be initialized. Tried in disk manager.

Basically nothing happens other than some mechanical whirring before a rest. The actuator only clicks about three times before resting and stops. At this point I do not want to plug it back in anymore until I fix it somehow.My first guess is that the actuator somehow got damaged from the fall, what else could it be? The motor? Something on the PCB? Again, it did not fall whilst plugged in.

I am not one of those ''bro just go to a recovery center bro spend 1000s of dollars bro'' so I am going to do this myself. What kind of head replacement tool do I need for a WD30NDZW and where can I acquire one? And does anyone have any other general, serious advice?

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