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it sucks soooo much, can only sleep with ear protection. Especially this wall to my only neighbor on the same floor is paper thin, I can hear him using flicking the light switch even. He's reasonable and all, thank god, but I'm already considering moving again, which is almost hopeless itself as rentcuck in Germany near Munich. Tonight was the first time my son complained about him hearing footsteps from above while trying to fall asleep. Please /diy save me, does nowadays exist a simple way to soundproof walls/ceilings? I would think I only need the put something up against this wall and the ceilings in my and my sons room. I find lots and lots of generic results of various kinds, I just want it to be a one and done thing. Measure, order, install it myself and be over it. Also I kinda don't want to inform my landlord, which is the local town actually

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