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I’m surprised the bluetooth thing didn’t catch on more. That feature would be nice on a jobsite with lots of sticky hands, brick the battery as soon as it leaves bluetooth range. Maybe it was too much $$$ to manufacture and the brands don’t mind if Josh needs to buy more batteries after he told Juan and Tyreeke to run to his truck for more wire nuts and conduit.

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Just the battery does, other brands have bluetooth on the tool.

For these Octane batteries, you can lock and unlock it, have it automatically lock when it goes out of bluetooth range, see “last location” which I think is just your phone’s GPS when it was last connected, make it beep to find out if it’s in Jamal’s or Jerome’s tool back, and shows charge cycles, temp, etc.

I just got the batteries because they’re supposed to put out more power in certain tools, but the Bluetooth stuff is actually neat. If I worked on a jobsite with lots of guys, or I was a boss who provided the tools, I would definitely consider spending the extra money on Milwaukee’s OneKey or the similar DeWalt system. DeWalt has a whole jobsite wifi system and I think you can hook the tools up to that and lock out that SDS hammer or whatever as soon as a guy walks off the jobsite with it. Guys would learn real quick that pawn shops don’t pay much for brushless bricks.

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