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here's the thing op. there is a huge demand for trade work, that much is true. but there is not a huge demand for wagies. wagies are a dime a dozen. tens of thousands of them enter our country and are bused all over every single day. since you made this thread 9 days ago at least 100,000 additional wagies entered the american labor force. there are hundreds of millions of people in this country who just want to show up to work every day and have someone tell them what to do. the people in demand are the ones who rise above the pack and go get the work to dole out to the wagies. if you are one of those people then life has never been better. if you're not then every waking moment of your life should be spent working towards becoming one of those people.

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the organization of your living and work spaces are a direct representation of the inner workings of your mind. if you attempt to adopt someone else's organizational methods then they will be out of sync with your mind and will not work. this is why when you 'tried to do bins' you were unable to adapt, your workflow regressed, and you ended up worse off. you will never be at harmony with your environment if you do this and you will feel like the deer in my picture. your only option when it comes to improving your organizational habits is to work on improving yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually, and your living/work spaces will naturally improve along with you.

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