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First time posting here or even coming to this board, I just don’t know where else to go because I’m struggling to find an answer.

I’m building a home made tattoo gun from recycled electronics, I have actually made a working model already and decided to make a better design. I used solder to join the metal pieces; a LOT of solder. It’s 40tin/60lead solder for connecting the joints and stuff. I have actually never used solder before, and I know it looks like shit even after I sanded it down and stuff, I’m fine with that. The main thing is that I’m wondering if the dried solder that’s on there still has health risks, and if so would a spray paint coating prevent that (it’s the only stuff I have right now)?

Sorry if I’m breaking some rule I’m just not sure where to go from here. Keep in mind also that I have zero experience with any of this stuff, I basically have just been trapped at home and decided to build stuff, and I’ve been teaching myself as I go.

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