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Starting this thread because I learned a lot the last time we had one of these and I got a compressor to work on and have lots of questions.

I bought this pic related compressor (Emglo 1.5 HP / 6.2 CFM @125 PSI electric compressor, replaced by Jenny K15A-8P) at an auction, and it is missing some parts: Motor run capacitor, pilot valve, relief valve, pressure regulator. It does run and build pressure wired up as shown, with the pressure switch out of the circuit and the 1/4 turn valve between the missing pilot valve and the pressure manifold closed.

Motor - is a Century 8-168697-03, any ideas on how to find the right run capacitor for that motor? Google found nothing, I'm planning on calling Jenny dealer, then Jenny and if that fails then Regal-Beloit.

Pilot valve - The manual says this is a 125 PSI pilot valve, I found some on Amazon that are adjustable 95-125 PSI for where it sends the unload signal to the compressor. Would this be okay for 125 PSI or is there a benefit to having a cushion above the rating?

Relief valve - Manual says it's a 165 PSI / 65 SCFM relief valve, can I just buy something rated for 165 PSI, or do you have to worry about the CFM rating?

Pressure regulator - How to pick a regulator? It has 3/8" hose going from the manifold to where the regulator should be so just something with 3/8" pipe thread? They are rated for 80 CFM, sounds like plenty. My experience with regulators is they wander around, especially if you are adjusting them down from a higher pressure vs. up from a lower pressure. Actually, do you even need a regulator?

Should I get a dryer / separator? I will mostly be using this for blowing shit off, filling tires, and occasionally running an impact driver and a nailer.

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