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>but good enough to get out of a jam.
But are you good enough to get out of a jelly?

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If I was going to that much effort, I'd look more into pyrolysis of regular plant matter into light crude oil like what's described here:

It seems like it might be a bit tricky to diy, but you could then take garden and vegetable waste and turn it into an oil product, from which I'd hope you could extract not only diesel, but also other valuable chemicals like benzene and toluene.

While probably tricky to get right as a diyer, the inputs are fairly basic, flexible, and readily accessible. Wood would be relatively valuable in a lot of places, even near me which has a lot of natural forest, but it's not real dense. Even offal and fats mentioned in that wiki article would be better used for other things.

Nitrogen is another thing. I'm not really sure if it's necessary in the system I'm thinking, but nitrogen would be almost as important to get as fuel oils if you had to start civilisation from scratch. I've been planning on attempting to extract nitrogen from air and turning it into nitric acid at home as a kind of introductory chemistry experiment. Nitrates would be the biggest end goal, but I guess it may be feasible to then extract back out nitrogen gas, separate out oxygen and other stuff, then run it into a tank through a compressor.

>GROW your food!
>KILL your enemies!
>EXTRACT nitrogen TODAY!

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>checked out that link
>checked out some other threads
>wind up on https://www.reddit.com/r/incest_relationships
Well, that escalated quickly.

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