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I drew this one a while back too

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toppest of kek.

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>6 pins, 2024 bytes memory
What are you, stupid? The ATMega328p has 23 IO pins and 32kB of flash memory. Admittedly it is closer to $2 than $1, but it's hardly expensive. You only use an ATtiny85 if you really don't need anything else.

Now please stop responding to a bait thread that's creeped in from /g/, see >>1354881.

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I want to compactify a series RLC circuit with fairly high L and C values by wrapping a fuckload of super fine wire around an electrolytic capacitor and letting the R be made up by the resistance of the wire itself. But would having the capacitor INSIDE of the coil fuck with it in some way? We're talking on the order of hundreds of ohms, a few millihenries (several thousand turns) of enameled magnet wire wrapped around an axial couple-hundred uF ~50V aluminum electrolytic.
I'm aware that there's a magnetic field generated inside of a coil with current passing through it, and that capacitors function on the premise of producing electric fields across a dielectric, but I'm too dumb to figure out what the interplay, if any, would be.

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Imagine this must have slid a lot. Have a bump.

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I know there's a thread like this already, but this isn't quite the same. I'm debating with myself whether I should go the Software Engineer or the Electrical Engineer path. I like both, but in Europe it seems there's a higher demand for software engineers and they get paid better (at least as far as I know). I, myself, kinda like electrical engineering more, designing something I can actually touch while seeing it perform a task is great to me.

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Now it's actually Gondola.

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