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And this scope has an RS232 port on the back of it, which is where I assume you can extract the stored data. Trying to interface with it with custom hardware might be fun. If anyone here has experience with this I'd love to hear from you.
Haven't figured out a few of the features though, namely what exactly the horizontal mode switches (A, Alt, B, where Alt + B = X/Y) do, and what the Mode switch does (Auto, Norm, TV-V, TV-H). Perhaps the TV modes are used for troubleshooting a TV's vertical and horizontal scanning, so you'd be able to look at the sawtooth waves and see what's what.

I also saw a neat video on hackaday where someone used the VGA port on a computer as a DAC (combined with 3 resistors on a tiny PCB) to feed an oscilloscope's X and Y channels with data to display vector images, animations, and even live games. Turning this oscilloscope into a vector screen for my raspberry pi could be interesting, if I could actually pull it off.

Got any boric acid to wash it down with?

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