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washing machine bearings are a massive pain in the ass, the dryer bearing is a pain in the ass too, but less so. The washing machine side is basically sealed as far as I know you need to break into it, change the bearing then re-glue it.

>new set because stacked
my kenmore combo unit shares wiring and I only have a single plug at the location, so I'm sort of stuck unless I replace both, it's easy to see if you open the back panel and look at where your power goes in and how it splits off.

>new unit?
I think you should start hunting now for a used one on craigs and see if you can test it and use it for parts, you dont need the heavy stuff, just the wash spinner assembly, motors etc. you can also cross reference parts to see what models share. If you don't care about saving money and value your time just buy new.

t.guy who has been replacing shit in his kenmore combo washer and dryer for the last 5 years since it constantly breaks but I don't want to carry the bastard upstairs so I just keep fixing it.

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