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The Kobalt 1/2” gun went on sale real cheap, but I think that’s sort of a clearance price because Lowe’s has been replacing all of that stuff with Craftsman.

If you want a mid torque, I don’t think you will find many complaints about the Ridgid. It’s only $10 more than the Kobalt with the sale right now and includes two big batteries. If I were starting from scratch though and had a little more money to spend, I would wait for a Milwaukee sale and maybe you can get the M18 mid-torque model as a free tool. But that’s not about the quality, the Ridgid Octane 1/2” might actually be more powerful than the mid-torque M18 models. Pic related is an awesome kit for mechanics, high torque 1/2” plus the Fuel 3/8”, unfortunately it’s like $500 and no LSA, but Milwaukee has 5yrs on tools and 3yrs on batteries while everybody else does 3yrs on tools.

And DeWalt is solid, but if you’re willing to spend the money on Yellow, you would be better off with Red because of the mechanic tool offerings.

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