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I've been using chop saws with abrasive discs for almost two years now, I've cut angle pieces, flat bar, tube, square tube, etc. and I've never had a problem with it. I always let the wheel regain speed a couple of times in between sections of the cut, specially at the end of the cut as to have a little burr as possible (I don't like filing or grinding that shit off).

Well this guy who just arrived presses on the machine really hard, almost to the point of stalling, his pieces are always with a ton of burr and they almost glow red hot, he tells me that while filing or grinding burr is bothersome, it's better for the disc and the machine.

I've read about how as the disc's diameter becomes smaller, it technically rotates at a lower speed and therefore results in less clean cuts, so I can't see why my method would be wrong, letting the disc gain more speed would result in cleaner cuts

Am I really in the wrong though? Am I the idiot here?

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