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>Also please post an image of the internals of your scooter wheel, I'd love to see what sort of internal gearing they have, if at all.
No gearing, direct drive. Winding looks the same, as BLDC winding.
Photo is from the internet, welds on axle are not original. My stator is less skookum, it is thinner (30-ish mm vs 25 mm) and has different number of turns (lower speed, lower KV), and lower power... I genuinely thought they didn't bother making two different motors for high-end and low-end models.
Btw, previous scooter I had, it had a hand-wound wheel, it was ugly, but it worked really well for some reason, meanwhile this loooks tidy, but in fact pretty shit.
> but I think the rewiring of the winding themselves could prove difficult.
I know... This is why I'd try delta connection first.

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