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>drive normally (16-20 kph)
15 km range
ECU and wheel motor are cool
>drive like crackhead (25+ kph, throttle down)
23 km range
I guess that's feasible. I think I misinterpreted it as "drive normally = lasts for X minutes", "drive fast = lasts for Y minutes" where X < Y, which I think would be impossible with the switching losses explanation. He was talking about the controller temperature, which would be roughly proportional to power waste, which is energy wasted per unit time, it just made sense for time to be the subject as opposed to distance.

Makes you wonder why they PWM at such a high frequency. Couldn't they instead just use a lower frequency or decrease the on-time? Though I'm hardly an expert on how these motors are driven, and smoothness of motion would need to be ensured. I'm assuming they don't try to match a sine to them?
The Lime scooters have an on/off throttle instead of a gradual one, so perhaps it's for the best.

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