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Architectfag here.

A) Pot plants lots of them with big fuckoff leaves and really thick. Tall - like 6 foot at least. Canopy needs to be robust and able to ithstand high winds so heavy waterproof canvas and steel cable stays. Under tensile canopy build small huts for protction everywhere - cheap as. Artificial grass on ground to soften roofscape. See this link for reference. Look at facebook Hole in the Wall Bar Armagh

B) All electrical external cabling and fittings (lights/power outlets etc) need to outdoor grade/heavy duty/waterproof.

C) Get dieself generator for backup power coverage or solar panels with battery storage. Re ice chest. buy stainless stel mesh cut to suit size of freezer and and just plot them on top of each other like this. See image

D) Pick 2 colours. Have one area green for chillz and one area red for fun and action. TImber in green area, metal and stone in red area.

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