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Hi DIY. I'm an electrician. For years I've been throwing my wire ends in the trash. A year ago, a drywaller asked me if he could keep my scarps. He told me his son (who had down syndrome) stripped them and saved enough money for a vacation to Thailand.
That planted a brain bug in my mind.
For the last year, I have been keeping my scrap copper and stripping it in my spare time.
I ended up with a car load of bare bright copper.
Yesterday, I took it to the scrap yard and made $1100 bucks CND. I've never been to a scrap yard before in my life. It was a great experience. Everyone was so friendly.
I can tell you: it is completely worth it.
This thread is a diary of what I have learned, my methods and tips for aspiring scrappers. Please feel free to ask for advice or give suggestions of your own.
For the record: I Iive in a major city in Western Canada. I mainly do commercial work but for the last year I have been doing residential renovations and various 'side' jobs.

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Hi /diy/
I have a pile of copper wire and I want to make a decorative bowl with it
After some googleing I found that I need to melt it using a crucible.
Does /diy/ have experience with metalwork?
Any tips for building a crucible or bowl mold?

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