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first off you come here and want to turn something in to something it is not.

second you obviously have not researched the prices of lathes.

You gave no hint of what size lathe.

but let me google that for you.



there you go, 2 very affordable wood lathes. if you can't afford those, then you absolutely will not be able to afford to build one, because it will cost more.

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Every day I come to this board and whiny little fucktards ask how to do things that they can find with google or on youtube. they all want an answer that involves zero work.

See son /diy/ means Do It Yourself. That means that you figure it out, google it, youtube it, try things, and then when nothing else works you ask here, but don't expect any real help this is a troll board.

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>Need a mig welder under $500. Hobart was suggested to me and it's on sale at tractor supply.
>Would this be good enough to weld say, bumpers and car frame thickness metal?
With multiple passes maybe.
>It's for hobby and /diy. Only have the $500 budget.
>Should i buy this or save more?
>What sort of limitations would this guy have, if any?
well, it can't easily weld anything thicker than maybe 1/4 inch steel, so lots of limitations.
of course you could read the manual instead of posting here like an idiot.

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ok, so you want an evaporative cooler.

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your problem (aside from being a moron) is most likely the new gas we have been forced to use. I'm not wasting my time on telling you all the reasons why, but if you are going to store a small gasoline engine for longer than a couple weeks during the winter or cooler months you MUST drain all the gas from it, or find ethanol free gasoline. google it.

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for you op!

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with a simple and cheap lock.

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