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Posted on adv but got sent here and i also think its more on topic. So first off I know nothing about structure and homes so if this is stupid I am sorry

So I was walking on on the veranda the other day and noticed it was a bit bouncy.

To my surprise the porch had actually separated from the house. To be honest the porch was only sitting on about 10cm of wood as per the structure which seem like it was not built properly

The structure underneath it still strong. To stop the bouncing I used bricks and placed them right up to the the beams.

Because of the natural soggy soil the house sits it will keep sinking so I've noticed this can be rectified by jacking the house and raising it with beams or steel poles etc.

I was doing some research and apparently plants such as bananas trees thrive off soggy soil. Would it be stupid plant bananas trees or certain shrubs to soak up the water???

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