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I'm the tire guy from earlier, had two flats at once. I changed the rear one out with a spare and planned on going a few miles to the store after inflating the other. As soon as I pull out I hear a loud squeak coming from the back wheel once every rotation of the wheel. I should note that as I was changing the wheel, when I had it up and rotated the wheel it made a grinding rusty sound for part of it, and also one of the 5 screws coming out that secured the wheel was quite loose. I also horse kicked it about 1000 times to get it off, and when I first discovered the flat I drove about 10 feet on it which mighta been bad for the ol wheel. Is it safe to drive 5 miles to repair? If not wtf to do, tow it? I plan on trading it soon anyway I'd probably just tow it to a dealer

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