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I have a Kenmore stackable washer and dryer, about 15 years old. I suspect a bearing is starting to go in the washing machine, it sounds a bit off during spin cycle and when I turn the drum manually with my hand, it sounds like there is a hallow grinding noise.

-How much time do I have left until it stops working?
-Is it worth to fix such an old machine? I read it can be pretty labor intensive to fix washer bearings.
-How the fuck do you even move the dryer off the washer without killing yourself?
-If I get a new washer but keep the dryer, can that be done or will I have to get a matching set because I dunno, the top of the new washer might be different, and the dryer can't start sliding off the new washer when the washer vibrates on spin cycle.
-I heard never buy appliances from big box stores, any reason as to why?
-Do they even make a basic washing machine anymore that doesn't come with a ton of computer programming in it? Rented a place once with a modern LG washer and that thing kept locking up couldn't open the door to get my clothes, the board eventually needed replacement.

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