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So, I am going to be tasked with making benches for my daughter's school. These benches will live outside all year, in QC, under a roof. The school currently has a few of PIC related on the left. These are functional but we need more.

My question : is there any advantage to using the design on the left over the design on the right. I'm specifically interested in stability. Obviously the 90 degree legs are easier to build. I'd set up a jig so that the angled design would be just as easy.

The benches are 8 feet long.

Now I suck at this kind of problems.

On the one hand, I feel it's harder to tip over a square cylinder then a triangular cylinder, right? So the design on the right is more stable.

On the other hand, the center of mass is at the same place in both designs and the point of rotation would be at the same place, so neither is more stable.

Except this last isn't true as one would have to rotate the bench further bring the center of mass farther past the vertical of the legs... (does this even make sense?)

TL;DR - which design in pic is more stable, left or right?

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