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>Since its cardboard like material i thought of taking the pieces out, pressing them down with carpenter presses and leave them to dry, will this do anything?

Best thing is to either leave it alone, or replace it all like the other fag said. Because you cant find the exact same stuff, if you try and fix it, but fuck it up, you are left with a fucked up floor.

Theres several potential problems with trying to remove pieces to fix them. The panels are usually interlocking, so you might have to pry them up at the nearest wall, and take pieces out until you reach the ones you want to fix. Sometimes taking the pieces apart brakes panels, or breaks the pieces that let them interlock. That might leave you with cracked pieces, or pieces that dont sit flat anymore and wont lock in place down flat. There should be a layer of floor foam underneath the panels, but if the installer/homeowner was a total cocksucker they might have glued the panels right to the floor/plywood underneath.

Ive ripped this kind of flooring out before, and replaced it with "vinyl laminate" flooring. It costs more, but the pieces are basically solid plastic and waterproof.

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