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>be me 10 years ago
>poorfag but responsible
>renting in hood
>model tenant
>never a day late on rent, clean, take care of apartment, go-to neighbor in my building if something minor breaks because i can /diy/ and fix it right (i have permission to do this too, and if i need parts i just have to get it preapproved and submit receipts)
>water heater goes out
>landlord stalls, then hires a methhead to replace it with an electric tankless that's so undersized it can't even run a standard showerhead at our inlet temperature
>go months without hot water, taking showers at the Y, landlord ignores repeated calls and texts
>finally don't pay rent for the first time in my life
>landlord notices after a couple weeks
>tell him he'll get rent when i get water heater
>new water heater installed next day, i hand over rent check on the spot
fuck landlords

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